Eco-Friendly Pest Control Throughout Oregon and Idaho

Eco Friendly for Pets and ChildrenAlthough insects are all around us and may be in our homes, we don’t really pay much attention to them until they’re causing us problems. Yet sometimes, by the time we do notice them, they’ve already done extensive damage.

When the time comes to call an exterminator, most come and spray dangerous chemicals around and inside of your house and then leave you to hope for the best. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we make use of environmentally friendly pest control treatments that are made to last.

Our borate-based product can protect against all varieties of pests, including insects such as termites, wood beetles, and carpenter ants, and even dry rot fungus permanently after just one coating. Borate is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found all throughout nature. Trace amounts of it exist in rock, soil, water, and all living, breathing organisms. It is essential for the existence of plant life as well as being nutritionally important to humans.

By utilizing borate and our proprietary NatureLine™ products instead of traditional synthetic chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment, we ensure that our methods are environmentally conscious and are safer for your pets or family. Our eco friendly exterminators will apply this treatment to your home and bring you peace of mind for your pest problems.

If, for some reason, you find that you’re still having pest control problems after our initial extermination, we offer unlimited treatment warranties, so we can reapply our NatureLine products, botanical oil and mineral solution to the troubled parts of your home.

Our NatureLine products have been developed as an alternative to the standard artificial carcinogenic pesticides which have proven to be harmful to human nervous and respiratory systems. You no longer need to choose between living around damaging bugs or being surrounded by dangerous chemicals with the help of our eco friendly Exterminators.

For a free inspection of your home, contact us at All Natural Pest Elimination and start protecting your home with some the most environmentally friendly pest control methods available today.