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We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are a Home Advisor “Top Rated” company with great customer feedback.

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Pests aren’t our #1 priority. People are.

It’s important to us that we not only get rid of your pest problem but also that we do it is the best way for you and your family.

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We are a Home Advisor “Top Rated” company with great customer feedback.

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Our pest control customers are covered by an iron-clad full-service unlimited warranty!

If your pests ever come back, so do we!

  • Safer For Family and Pets
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jaye weiss
jaye weiss
I like what they do! They tell us a potential WINDOW OF TIME and I am not bothered by them “being late” because I see how diligently they are when they get here.
Cindy Swanson
Cindy Swanson
If you're looking to keep your house bug and rodent free, these are your people. Very dependable, curteous, professional, and down right good people!
Max Payne
Max Payne
I’m very impressed with All Natural Pest Elimination. The inspector Jacob was extremely thorough with the initial inspection and evaluation of my needs. The technicians Brock and Derek spent a total of 3 full work days applying the treatments and performing exclusion work. They left zero footprints behind and were very courteous to me as they did their jobs. They left nothing untouched. The best part was my appointment specialist Chantell. She was extremely knowledgeable about the products and services they offer also had a great command of her system and was always able to meet my needs and work with my busy schedule for a very effective and efficient transaction. She was extremely kind and empathetic to my needs and made me feel like I was their number 1 customer. Danny, the manager even called me personally to thank me and make sure I was aware of all the perks to the package I purchased. All around a purchase I do not regret, a purchase that puts value into my home and a company filled with competent, friendly employees that love their jobs. I could not be happier with the service and results I’ve experienced so far.A+++
Corky Corkum
Corky Corkum
Scott came out to my house and did a thorough inspection, listened to my concerns and explained to me the best plan of action. Not only that he stopped back in in 3 days just to check on progress. Thank You for all of your help in helping me to eradicate my pest problem. Appreciate your companies help.
Corrina Reves
Corrina Reves
Rob S
Rob S
Audrey Richards
Audrey Richards
Todd King
Todd King
They are a bit pricey but the service is good so far.

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Ten Facts You May Not Know About Termites

    1. Of 3,106 known termite species, only 183 cause damage, and only 82 cause significant damage to human structures.
    2. Termites are eaten by people in cultures around the world.
    3. In addition to buildings, termites can also cause significant damage to food crops.
    4. Termite queens have been known to live for up to 50 years, making them the longest living insects in the world.
    5. Termites are found on every continent except Antarctica.
    6. Termites are usually small, measuring 4 – 15mm in length, however, several giant species have been known to grow to almost 4 inches.
    7. Termites are known as detritivores, consuming dead plants at every stage of decomposition.
    8. A variety of predators feed on termites, but ants are their number one enemy.
    9. Termite colonies build nests, mounds, and shelter tubes for protection and reproduction.
    10. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on repairing wood structures damaged by termites.

Protecting your home or business from termites is essential. Let All Natural Pest Elimination take care of your termite problem for good. Our proprietary pest control products are natural, eco-friendly, and safer for people, pets, and the planet.

All Natural Pest Elimination Products

We are the exclusive user of NatureLine™ pest elimination products, a highly effective natural pest control alternative to pesticides.  Our proprietary blend of botanical and inorganic oils, and minerals are safer for your family, pets, and the environment.

NatureLine™ Eco-Friendly Pest Control Products

Better for You And The People You Love

Don’t use chemicals that cause health problems when there is a safer alternative.


  • Environmentally friendly methods
  • Prevents soil and water contamination
  • Addresses root cause for lasting results
  • Personalized solutions for each property
  • Reduces reliance on chemical pesticides

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