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The Natural Choice

All Natural Pest Elimination offers Oregon a safer yet more effective eco-friendly alternative than other pest control companies. Protect your home or business naturally from dry rot fungus, termites, ants and other insects or rodents that can cause serious damage.

Integrated Pest Management

Oregon's Safer Pest Control

Safer Pest Control

Our NatureLine™ botanical oil and mineral pest control products are environmentally friendly, highly effective, and long-lasting. In fact, our program treatments come with unlimited re-treatment warranties. Learn more about our NatureLine™ Products.

NatureLine™ Products

Permanent Wood Protection

Permanent Wood Protection

All Natural Pest Elimination can permanently protect your home from all wood destroying insects and dry rot fungus with just one treatment. No monthly appointments, ongoing costs, or potentially dangerous chemicals that might harm you, your family or your pets.

Permanent Wood Protection

The Safer, More Eco-Friendly Exterminator

As an established pest control company with thousands of local customers, we are the safer approach to pest control for your home or office. Other pest control companies do not have access to our proprietary NatureLine™ products and processes. Don’t take chances with your health or the health of your family or pets. Request a free inspection online, or call 1-877-662-8449 to schedule one today.

Our Lifetime Warranty

As the Oregon’s #1 provider of Natural Pest Control, we don’t simply rid your home of bugs one time and leave. Instead, we provide coverage well beyond our initial treatment and offer programs that include a Lifetime WarrantyAll Natural Pest Elimination can effectively rid your home or business of ants, termites, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, bats, fleas, mice, centipedes, sow bugs, silverfish, earwigs, crickets, borer beetles, fungus, dry rot and much more.

Your Technician was just here and he was AMAZING… I have been with you guys for 15-16 years, and you have always had great, professional service people. Thank you!

Patricia S.

I started service with you five months ago for rodents. Today your Inspector showed me all seven places your workers repaired so nothing can get under my house. I am very impressed with the work.


Our office has had this company treat our invading small ants. Whenever we call, they are responsive and get the job done.

Rick M.

I am very, very happy with the work you did at my house. Your Technician put a lot of effort in making sure my bugs are gone. Thank you!

Frank A.

Your Technician was here doing a full house treatment and I would like you to know that he is a great employee, very considerate and did a great job looking at the details. Thank you.

Beverly V.

One treatment was it. You sprayed the moss and in days it was dying. Now my roof is moss free. Thank You.

Rob H.

Your Technician did an outstanding job!


Everything always goes well and I will continue to use their services. They show up on time and provide quality service.

Sherry C.

All Natural Pest Elimination has been terrific thus far. We had our home treated a couple months ago and have yet to see any pests in our home! The treatment was very effective and your team was a pleasure to work with. Thank You.

Cathy M.

I have been the caregiver for a family who has used your company for years; and you have always served them very well. You are prompt and do a good job. You have made the family’s living situation better by your service. We all thank you very much.