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We are a Home Advisor “Top Rated” company with great customer feedback.

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Ellen Fawl
Ellen Fawl
Jack did an extraordinary job with our long time bat situation after we’d paid a lot of money to another agency that was supposed to have taken care of the situation but didn’t. Reasonably priced when you consider the amount of work it required, his after hours responsiveness, and the warranty that comes with it.
Jackie Gay
Jackie Gay
John from Insight Pest Solutions in Corvallis provides exceptional, friendly, professional service. He greeted me when he arrived and after a brief explanation from me about the bugs I have been seeing he got to work. He layed down a thorough spray, was respectful of my property, and let me know when he was thru what I could expect. Thanks John!
Jeslyn Baldovino
Jeslyn Baldovino
Derek and Ryan came to the house and sprayed for ants! They were so kind and we highly recommend
Kathrine Murphy
Kathrine Murphy
Everyone who has been here has been professional, personable, and respectful. They have persistently worked the problem.
Karen Rogers
Karen Rogers
Nicole Atkins
Nicole Atkins
Derek is top tier! Great vibes, walks through life with positivity and is an absolute professional with his work. We couldn't have gotten a better person to do our extermination.
Geoffrey Williams
Geoffrey Williams
Laura Jensen-Linck
Laura Jensen-Linck
Very knowledgeable. Professional and friendly . They always go over and beyond to solve my pest issues. They've sealed up many areas and built 2 new access doors that were damaged by rodents. The sprays they use are pleasant smelling and are safe for my many pets.
Karen Ramsey
Karen Ramsey
Prompt and professional service. A bit pricey but well worth it for the piece of mind. This is a manufactured home with narrow access under the home. Derick and crew had no problem and scheduled weekly appointments which were kept

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How Do You Know You’ve Got a Carpenter Ant Problem?

The handy work of carpenter ants can often be confused with that of termites. Both pests can cause extensive damage to wood structures, but carpenter ants can be harder to uncover. Look for these signs if you suspect carpenter ants are making your home their own:

  • Piles of sawdust-like wood shavings beneath baseboards, windowsills, and siding.
  • Rustling inside walls and crawl spaces.
  • Large, black winged ants crawling out of walls and crevices.
  • Dried wing shed and left behind near windowsills, baseboards, and vents.

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Carpenter Ant – FAQ – ANPE

What are carpenter ants and why are they a problem?

Carpenter ants are large ants that nest in wood. They are a problem because they can cause significant structural damage to homes and buildings.

How can I identify carpenter ants in my home?

Carpenter ants are usually black, although some species may have reddish or brownish hues. They have a segmented body with a constricted waist and elbowed antennae. Look for sawdust-like material (frass) near damaged wood and the presence of large, winged ants (reproductives) during the spring and summer.

What are the signs of a carpenter ant infestation?

Signs of a carpenter ant infestation include the presence of worker ants, swarmers (winged reproductives), frass (sawdust-like material) near damaged wood, rustling sounds coming from walls or wooden structures, and hollow or damaged wood.

Are carpenter ants harmful to humans?

Carpenter ants do not pose a direct health threat to humans. However, their presence can cause structural damage, which may be costly to repair.

Can carpenter ants cause structural damage to my home?

Yes, carpenter ants can cause structural damage to homes. They excavate galleries in wood to create nests, weakening the structure over time.

How do carpenter ants differ from other ant species?

Carpenter ants are larger than most ant species, and they nest in wood. Unlike termites, they do not consume wood but rather excavate it to create their nests.

How do carpenter ants enter my home?

Carpenter ants can enter homes through cracks in the foundation, gaps around windows and doors, utility lines, or by using tree branches in contact with the structure as a bridge.

What attracts carpenter ants to my property?

Carpenter ants are attracted to damp or moist environments. They are often found near sources of water, decaying wood, and food sources such as improperly stored food or pet food.

How can I prevent carpenter ants from entering my home?

To prevent carpenter ants, eliminate moisture sources like leaky pipes or roof leaks, remove decaying wood or stumps near the property, seal cracks and gaps in the foundation, and keep food sources properly stored in airtight containers.

Can I eliminate carpenter ants on my own or do I need professional help?

While some DIY methods may provide temporary relief, professional help is recommended for effective and long-lasting carpenter ant control. Professionals have the expertise and access to specialized products to handle infestations effectively.

What are the risks of attempting DIY carpenter ant control?

DIY carpenter ant control may not effectively eliminate the entire colony, leading to recurring infestations. Additionally, improper use of pesticides can pose health risks to humans and pets if not applied correctly.

How do professionals determine the extent of a carpenter ant infestation?

We conduct a thorough inspection to locate nesting areas, foraging trails, and signs of damage. We use our expertise to assess the size and scope of the infestation.

How long does it take to eliminate a carpenter ant infestation?

The time required to eliminate a carpenter ant infestation varies depending on the size of the colony and the extent of the damage. It may take several weeks or even months to completely eradicate the infestation.

Will I need to leave my home during the extermination process?

In most cases, homeowners do not need to leave their homes during the carpenter ant extermination process. However, we may advise temporary evacuation for certain treatment methods or if the infestation is severe.

How often do I need to schedule follow-up visits for carpenter ant control?

Follow-up visits are essential to monitor the progress of the treatment and ensure the infestation has been fully eliminated. The frequency of follow-up visits will depend on the specific situation and the recommendations of the pest control company.

Are there any long-term preventive measures I can take to avoid future infestations?

Yes, there are several long-term preventive measures you can take. These include eliminating moisture sources, sealing entry points, removing potential nesting sites (like decaying wood), and regular inspections by a pest control professional.

What should I do if I see carpenter ants after the treatment?

It is not uncommon to see carpenter ants for a short period after treatment, especially as the colony becomes disrupted. However, if the sightings persist or increase significantly, it’s important to contact us for further evaluation and additional treatment if necessary.

What is the cost of professional carpenter ant extermination?

The cost of professional carpenter ant extermination depends on factors such as the size of the infestation, the extent of the damage, and the specific treatment methods required. It is best to contact a pest control company for a thorough inspection and an accurate cost estimate.