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Do You Have or Suspect a Mouse Problem?

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You Don’t Have to Live with Mice in Your Home

The smell! The mess! The health risks!

When mice move into your home, it’s time to remove them. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in natural, safe and effective mice elimination. Our experienced exterminators know how to catch the ones you’ve got and ensure new ones don’t ever get in.

We take care of the mouse infestation, so your house feels like home again.

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“I started service with you five months ago for rodents. Today your Inspector
showed me all seven places your workers repaired so nothing can get under my
house. I am very impressed with the work.”
-L.M., Grants Pass

How Do You Know You’ve Got a Mouse Problem?

Mice are curious and primarily nocturnal, so you’re much more likely to see signs of their presence even if you never actually lay eyes on them. If you’ve spotted any of the following signs of mice in your home, you could have an infestation:

  • Droppings

    Mouse droppings are small, usually less than ¼ inch long and tapered on both ends. Rodent urine has a strong, musky odor. The stronger the scent, the larger the infestation.

  • Signs of chewing

    Mice love to chew and typically leave behind clear-cut holes less than the size of a dime. Small gnaw and scratch marks on wood and plastic are also commonly found where mice live.

  • Scratching noises

    Nighttime is the perfect time to listen for scratching inside walls, attics, lofts, basements, and garages.

  • Rub marks

    Mice tend to repeatedly follow routes along baseboards and walls. The dirt and oil buildup on their coat often leaves behind marks or smudges, indicating a common route.

  • Nests

    Mice make nests using soft household items such as insulation, cloth fiber, garbage, paper, and cardboard. Cupboards, drawers, and inside walls are common indoor nesting sites.

Want to know more about these small sneaky pests?

Read more about mice and their behavior here.

They might be cute and furry, but a mouse infestation is no joke! Mice can cause damage to household and structural materials. They also present health hazards through the contamination of human and pet food sources. Mice can spread disease, carrying as many as 200 human pathogens, including hantavirus, Salmonella, and Lyme disease. Mice are naturally inquisitive, but are shy and generally avoid people. They can easily compress their bodies and are limited only to entrances smaller than their skull—about the size of a dime. They hunt for food by smell, and give off micro-droplets of urine indiscriminately, which they later track to return to their food source.

Mice propagate quickly. Females are fertile within weeks of being born, birth litters of 4-9 babies, and can become pregnant again within days of giving birth. A single mouse can produce more than a hundred mice in one year! The Deer mouse is of concern because it is the primary carrier of hantavirus, which causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Other common Pacific Northwest mice species are the House, White-footed, Old Field, Cotton, and Brush.

Don’t wait for your mouse issue to become a full-blown problem. Most pest elimination companies simply bait and trap. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we go beyond these outdated methods to ensure they don’t return.

Take control of your home again with a natural and more effective
treatment with All Natural Pest Elimination.

“All Natural Pest Elimination has been terrific thus far. We had our home treated
a couple months ago and have yet to see any pests in our home! The treatment
was very effective and your team was a pleasure to work with. Thank You.”
-Cathy M, Roseburg

All Natural Pest Elimination uses all-natural, eco-friendly products to eliminate pests that cause damage to your home.
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