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All Natural Pest Elimination can permanently protect your home from all wood destroying pests and dry rot fungus with just one treatment.

Our borate-based product is a one-time treatment that never breaks down and has a proven track record of protecting wood from all four wood-destroying pests: termites, wood beetles, carpenter ants, and wood-destroying fungi (dry-rot). In addition, we treat the sub-area ground with a natural, more eco-friendly ground barrier.

Borates are naturally occurring minerals that exist in trace amounts in rock, soil, water, and all living things. Borate-based products are described by the U.S. EPA as a “low-toxicity alternative for protecting timber and composites from wood destroying organisms such as decay fungi and termites.” These products have been used for more than 70 years in residential and commercial construction with exceptional efficacy.

The EPA describes borate-based wood preservatives as having the following characteristics:

  • Effective fungicide/insecticide against a broad spectrum of pests
  • No acquired resistance among target organisms
  • Essential to plant life, nutritionally important to humans’ and environmentally ubiquitous
  • Inorganic salt (nonvolatile, no off-gassing)
  • Odorless, colorless, and non-corrosive to hardware and building materials

Not defined as a hazardous waste nor listed by RCRA, CERCLA, SARA, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act or Clean Air Act Learn more on the EPA’s website.

Your homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover damage done by wood-destroying insects. However, All Natural Pest Elimination guarantees our wood protection treatments for the life of your home. Learn more about our warranty services.

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