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Protect your home from the dangerous and deadly ​spiders that are common in the Pacific Northwest such as black widow spiders, hobo spiders, wolf spiders, yellow sac spiders, along with harmless spiders such as daddy long legs, house spiders, crab spiders, cross spiders, jumping spiders, orb weavers, callobius severus, and trapdoor spiders. Although many will bite, most don’t cause serious harm. However, spiders can become a nuisance. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in a safer and more natural elimination of spiders. Our experienced exterminators get rid of both poisonous and non-poisonous spiders from your home and ensure they don’t return.

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“All Natural’s service and results have been so great at my home for the last five years that I also just hired them for my rentals. No bugs in the house and no poison near you or on your planet. The employees are all very nice, too. Now that’s winning!”
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Ten Facts You May Not Know About Spiders

    1. Spiders are arachnids and feed on living prey.
    2. Spiders are often beneficial, feeding on and reducing insect populations.
    3. Most spiders catch their prey in silk webs, but a few actively hunt them.
    4. Spiders are predators and use venom to incapacitate their prey.
    5. Fear of spiders is called arachnophobia.
    6. People who are allergic to the venom of certain spiders can have severe, even life-threatening reactions to bites.
    7. Spiders have been known to transmit disease or cause infection through a bite just like a tick or mosquito.
    8. Spiders rarely bite unprovoked but will bite when threatened or trapped.
    9. The silk of a spider’s web is actually a liquid. It hardens only when exposed to air.
    10. Scientists believe there may be more than 30,000 kinds of spiders.

Spiders can pose health risks to humans. That’s why protecting your home and family from spiders is essential. Let All Natural Pest Elimination take care of your spider problem for good. Our proprietary pest elimination products are natural, eco-friendly, and safer for people, pets, and the planet.

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At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in safe, effective methods of pest control for both the interior and exterior of your home or Office. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a personalized plan that suits your unique needs. And, because we use only natural products, you can be sure that your family, pets, and employees will not be harmed by our pest control methods. For more information about our services, or to schedule a free consultation, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you!

Want to know more about the various types of spiders in your area? Read more about spiders found in the Pacific Northwest below.

Did you know that it is nearly impossible to determine what type of spider has bitten when no spider has been found? That’s why it’s important to have a spider elimination expert check your home for infestations. If you sustain a spider bite, seek medical attention and attempt to capture the spider for correct identification and treatment. Even though most spider bites do not require medical attention, it is estimated that 10,000 spider bites get reported to poison control centers every year. All Natural Pest Elimination can help you avoid these issues.

These spiders are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest:


Hobo Spider

Tegenaria agrestis; Aggressive house spider. Female hobo spiders make funnel webs while males typically roam in search of a mate. Male venom contains a powerful toxin which causes necrotic arachnidism or constriction of blood flow to cells. This can result in skin and/or muscle tissue death. This is similar to the venom of a Brown Recluse. Victims also often report experiencing flu-like symptoms.


Yellow Sac Spider

Cheiracanthium inclusum. Yellow sac spiders do not build webs. They construct silken sacs in protected areas, such as within a leaf, under landscape materials or logs, or at the junction of a wall and ceiling. They use this sac as their daytime retreat. The venom of the yellow sac spider contains a cytotoxin, a cell-killing toxin similar to that of a hobo spider or brown recluse.

Western Black Widow

Latrodectus hesperus. Black widow spiders are sensitive to light, commonly seen undercover, in crawl spaces, and at night. Females are jet black with a red hourglass design on the underside of the large abdomen. Males are white, yellow, or cocoa brown, often speckled or streaked. The female’s venom, a neurotoxin, is harmful to humans. Most bite victims report localized pain, swelling, and overall nausea. In acute cases, difficulty breathing and even fatality have occurred.


Wolf Spider

Lycosidae. Found around the world, female wolf spiders carry their eggs in a round silken globe sac attached to the spinnerets at the end of the abdomen. This allows the spider to carry her unborn young with her. Immediately after the spiderlings emerge, they clamber up their mother’s legs and crowd onto her abdomen. The wolf spider is poisonous but the bite is not necrotic and generally not harmful to humans. Many report experiencing swelling, redness, and mild pain at the site of the bite for a few days.

Daddy Long Legs

Pholcus phalangioides; Cellar spider, vibrating spider, or skull spider. Cellar spiders are one of the most common spiders found inside the home. As their name suggests, they are found in cellars, as well as closets, attics, and sheds. Their webs are irregular, prone to wobbly, vibrating movements that confuse predators and prey. Contrary to popular lore, it is not true that daddy long legs would be the most toxic spider on the planet if it weren’t for their small mouth. They are capable of biting humans but are harmless.


House and Garden Spiders

There are a number of other spiders commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. They include the domestic house spider, gigantic house spider, crab spider, cross spider, jumping spider, orb weavers, callobius severus, trap-door spider, and more. Although many will bite, reactions are usually no worse than a bee sting, unless allergic to their venom. However, when left uncontrolled, spiders can become a nuisance in and around our homes.


The Brown Recluse is often mistaken for a Pacific Northwest spider.


Brown Recluse Spider

Loxosceles recluse; Violin spider or fiddle-back spider. There are several kinds of recluse spiders, but none that live and breed in the Pacific Northwest. Therefore if you see one in this region, it would have to have been transported in from a warmer southern state. Necrotic bites in Oregon are usually confused with the hobo or yellow sac spiders. Perhaps the most-feared spider, the brown recluse is certainly the most famous. There are documented cases of fatalities from brown recluse bites.

Don’t wait for your spider issue to become a full-blown problem. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we use safer and more effective products to get rid of pests and ensure they don’t come back.

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