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Newport pest control: The Safer And Effective Alternative

Newport pest control: All Natural Pest Elimination provides a safer and effective alternative to conventional pest control. Our company manufactures and uses our own exclusive brand of safer pest control products to provide the most reliable and safer pest control Newport has to offer. Our own proprietary line of products is called NatureLine. They are naturally derived, inorganic, and botanical pest control products that are safer for the environment, your plants, pets and your guests. We believe that having peace of mind when securing your home from unwanted pests is of the utmost importance.

Back in the early 90s, we started looking at various natural ways to offer safer pest exterminator solutions. We made it our mission to find workable methods of eliminating pests without putting homeowners, and their environment in jeopardy. Through many years of research and testing in the field, we have come up with various safer and effective solutions for the pest control Newport needs.

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We Are The Safer Exterminator Newport Can Count On!

Other Newport pest control companies often utilize harmful or toxic chemicals to provide pest control services. These methods are very common throughout the pest control industry. Toxic products do work for home pest control, however the side effects are often undesirable. More and more people are becoming interested in the effects they have on their environment. Hence the rise in natural pest products. Residential pest control as well as commercial pest control companies have been trending towards this model more and more.

This has been evident especially in termite control. New methods of treatment for termites and other wood destroying organisms such as wood beetles and carpenter ants are used more often. All Natural Pest Elimination is the last pest exterminator business Newport should need for providing safer treatments. We have pioneered the naturally derived pest control product industry in the Northwest. Newport pest control provided by our company is becoming more popular for this reason.

When searching for the safest pest control Newport has available to its area residents, it’s a good idea to have All Natural Pest Elimination provide a free pest inspection for your home. Here are some of the reasons why our company is a good choice.


  • We are the largest privately owned Oregon pest control company.
  • Our service technicians perform 1000’s of service treatments every year.
  • We are proud to be rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • We offer senior discounts for our pest control services
  • We are the exclusive users of NatureLine Products
  • We offer unlimited, lifetime renewable warranties

We are proudly the safer and effective Newport area:

Ant Control and Ant Exterminator
Rat Control and Rat Exterminator
Termite Control and Termite Exterminator
Rodent Control and Rodent Exterminator
Spider Control and Spider Exterminator
Carpenter Ant Control and Carpenter Ant Exterminator
Bat Control, Removal and Bat Exterminator
Insect Control and Insect Exterminator
Mouse Control and Mouse Exterminator
Mice Control and Mice Exterminator
Bed Bug Control and Bed Bug Exterminator

FREE Newport Pest Control Inspections And Estimates!

We proudly offer free home inspections and estimates. All you have to do is call us and schedule one. One of our expert pest inspectors will visit your home and do a thorough inspection at no charge. They will check for termites, carpenter ants, spiders, rodent issues, dry rot fungus, roof moss and various other problems. They check the understructure of your home, around the foundation, in any sheds or garages, in the attic if your home has one, and any other areas of concern.

Natural-Pest-Control-MedfordThe free inspections usually last around 15 to 20 minutes. At the end of the inspection, they will alert you to any concerns. If there are any issues that your home has, they will offer several solutions to fix the problem and give you a free report and estimate for any work that needs done.

Our pest control inspectors can service Newport, Waldport, Seal Beach, Florence, Yachats, Otter Rock, Depot Bay and other surrounding areas. If you have a home or business on the Central Oregon Coast, then we’ll be happy to offer you a free inspection for your peace of mind.

We Offer several different pest control Newport area services such as:

Sugar Ant Service
Wood Beetle Service
Termite Extermination
Mice and Rats and Rodent Extermination
Bat Control Service
Bird Removal
Insect Control and Carpenter Ant Service
Dry Rot Wood Protection
Spider Extermination
Bed Bug Service

Another one of our popular services is our permanent wood protection service. We can treat all of the wood in your home with our process to prevent any carpenter ants, wood beetles, termites or dry rot fungus. This process lasts as long as your home is standing (Unless there is unusual water damage where the wood is submerged in water for a length of time.) And if this ever does happen, we can retreat the wood again after it has been remediated and saved from the water damage.

Simply call us at 1-877-662-8449 and get a free inspection. We’ll work out a day and time with you on the phone when you can meet with one of our pest inspectors. We promise that you will have peace of mind and know exactly what the status is on your house for any pest concerns or problems.