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Water damage is one of the most common issues for homeowners, and it can be one of the costliest. The problem with damage from water in the home is it may not be found for weeks or months, allowing the water to seep into the walls, floors and structure of the building. However, you can reduce the damage and protect your home if you know where to look for water issues.

Go Up and Down

You’re most likely to find water problems in your attic and basement, for two different reasons. Water in the attic indicates a roof leak of some kind. It may be a hole in the roof, gutters that are leaking or other issues around the roof or fascia. You might find water leaking around a chimney or vent. You’ll never know about the water leak until it gets severe enough to start damaging your ceiling unless you check the attic periodically.

The basement is another area where water damage is common. A crack in the foundation can allow water to get inside the home along the exterior walls. This is an issue you would expect to find in older homes, but it can happen with new builds as the building settles.

Check along pipes and water lines for leaks. They may begin as drips from a faucet or connector. A few drips may not sound like much until you think about those drops pooling on the floor or along the wall. Standing water will weaken any wood, drywall or other materials, causing them to warp, rot and break.

Pests Love Water

Even minor water leaks will attract pests. They need water just like humans, and many of them like the warm, humid spaces where water is likely to be. Even spiders will build nests in areas near water. Mice and rats also like to be close to water. Now, you not only have the water damage to deal with, but you have pests to get rid of that can cause their own damage.

If you suspect you may have water damage, you should check around your home for signs. Also, get a free inspection from All Natural Pest Elimination to see if your water leak has brought in some unwanted residents to your home. Contact All Natural Pest Elimination today for a free inspection and estimate. Just give us a call at 877-662-8449.