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It’s an unfortunate truth, but no home will ever be completely safe from bug infestations such as termites. Some may not be as serious as others, but it is easy to underestimate the danger that some of these pests can present to homeowners.

No-Insects-Pest-ControlOne very common and problematic insect that plagues many houses are termites. Overall, approximately 600,000 homes experience termite damage every year just in the United States. These troublesome organisms feed on wood and can invade homes in depth.

Part of what makes these bugs so dangerous and difficult to eradicate is how they are usually out of sight, filling themselves on support beams and floor boards. Because they can remain hidden for long periods of time, when a homeowner finally does discover them, the damage can already be extensive. A homeowner who does find termite damage can expect to spend an average of up to $3,000 on repairs.

Another danger that is spawned from these pesky creatures is the hazardous insecticides that are used by exterminators. After it’s been applied, dangerous chemicals can be present in the air and on the surfaces of a home, and it can also cause the damaged wood to corrode even further, greatly compromising its structural integrity.

As a counter measure, natural pest control companies can provide natural termite control which will eradicate them without the use of substances harmful to people or to the wood. Termites and similar pests already cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the United States each year. Why risk paying for even further damage caused by harsh chemicals?

The eco-friendly pest solutions used by natural pest control companies will make the entire extermination process easier by avoiding the need for more expensive repairs, as well as reducing the period of time that homeowners must vacate the premises. Before spraying dangerous chemicals around your home, consider how you could benefit from using natural pest control companies.