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When talking pest elimination, many companies use toxic chemicals. These chemicals do not take the environment into consideration and are of danger to animals and humans alike. We happen to think there’s a better way. We are dedicated to being a more natural, eco-friendly pest control company, providing a much safer approach towards pest control.. So what does that mean for you in the Eugene, Roseburg and Medford area? In short, a better and safer way of getting your pests under control.


Our NatureLine product is a borate-based formula. Coupled with natural oils, the borate formula fights powerfully against a variety of pests from termites to carpenter ants. While it is powerful and effective, it is also not dangerous. Borate is a naturally occurring mineral found in living things and is not a threat to human, animal or environmental health. We think you’ll agree that our approach to eliminating pests are ideal, so you do not have to worry about it affecting your loved ones or the environment.


If for some reason you‘re still finding pests after our scheduled treatments, we do provide guarantees. They are based on your specific service, though  most warranties include treatments at no additional cost and unlimited inspections.

Free Inspections

Our pest control technicians are available to assess your pest situation for free. They’ll let you know what they would recommend for your specific needs at which point we can make you an appointment. We’d love to help you begin to protect your Eugene, Medford or Roseburg area home in the most eco-friendly way possible.

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