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Rat Exterminator

Rat Exterminator

Rat Exterminator – All Natural Pest Elimination

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Rat Exterminator – All Natural Pest Elimination is Oregon’s eco-friendly rat exterminator. We specialize is using safe and effective methods of treatment to rid your home of unwanted rat visitors. Most all other rat exterminator companies only bait and trap the current population of rats. We are generally the only company that not only exterminates the rats inside the structure, but we also focus on exclusion methods so more rats can’t make their way into your structure.

Rats are cautious and primarily nocturnal in habit. Rats will basically eat anything; any food humans or livestock will eat, plus many less palatable items including animal droppings, garbage, and other rats. They can eat up to a third of their body weight in food. They begin to forage soon after dark, and gather most of their food before midnight. They often store or hoard food in hidden areas. Rats generally live together in a group dominated by a large male that guards a harem of females, and routinely travel the same route nightly (along foundations, walls, fences, etc.). Two common spiecies of rats in the Pacific Northwest are the Norway and the Roof rat.

Norway Rat

Also called the Brown Rat, Sewer Rat, and Wharf Rat, the Norway Rat is brown or gray and has a pink tail that is shorter than their body. The Norway is not a good climber, but a good swimmer. These are the Rats generally found in areas lower to the ground, like sub-area crawlspaces.

Roof Rat

Also called the Black Rat and Ship Rat, the Roof Rat is black, gray, or brown and has a charcoal gray tail that is longer than their body. The Roof is a good climber and doesn’t like water. These are the Rats generally found in higher areas, like attic crawlspaces.