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As the temperatures drop and rain and snow become a more common part of the forecast, you want to make sure your home is ready. Winterizing your home doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but it can save you both time and money later on.

Weatherproof Your Home

Keep heat in, cold out and pests away with weatherproofing. You can do several things to cut heating costs and prevent mice and rats from moving in.

  • Install a storm door and door sweep
  • Add weather-stripping or caulking to your windows and doors
  • Insulate around outlets and where pipes come in the house

Consider any other areas where wind or pests can get in. Even tiny holes can let the cold air in as well as small pests.

Protect Your Pipes

When the temperature drops, it can cause your pipes to freeze if they aren’t protected correctly. Insulate them or add heat tape to keep the pipes warm.

If you leave for a holiday or winter vacation, make sure to leave the temperature at a point where the house will stay warm enough not to freeze the pipes. Most experts recommend setting it at 55 degrees so it cuts your heating bill without causing other problems.

Check Your Fireplace and Furnace

Before you light the first fire of the season, you should make sure the chimney is clean. Animals often nest in unlit fireplace chimneys. Creosote buildup can also create a fire hazard.

Have your furnace inspected and the air filter cleaned or replaced. Not only will it help reduce heating costs, but it could prevent you from needing to call someone when the furnace goes out on the coldest night of the year.

Add Insulation

If you notice that it takes a lot to warm your house sufficiently, you may want to consider adding insulation in the attic. Inspect the attic and see what condition the insulation is in. Many times, mice and rats will make homes in the attic because it’s dark, undisturbed and warm. They may make nests in the insulation or just tear it up.

You can have a professional take a look in your attic to determine the R-rating of the insulation. The higher the rating, the better it will protect your home. If you notice mouse droppings in the attic, have someone get rid of your pests so they don’t cause more damage in your attic.

As cold temperatures arrive, you may notice more pests moving in to keep warm until spring. They can cause a lot of unseen damage to your home. Contact All Natural Pest Elimination if you suspect a pest problem or just want a free inspection to check for issues. Don’t let cold weather bring in unwanted roommates. Call us today at 877-662-8449.