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If your Oregon home has a basement, a sump pump is needed for home protection in order to combat and prevent structural damage which can happen from standing water. Even if it’s just a crawl space, you’re sure to need the sump pump at some point in the future, so it’s better to invest now and protect your property.

Prevent Pests

Even minor flooding can bring in pests. Many wood-damaging pests like termites, carpenter ants and wood beetles like moisture. It softens the wood, which makes the wood easier to penetrate by wood destroying pests. The dark, damp basement or crawl space is the perfect habitat for these creatures to work uninhibited for months or even years. As sump pump will make the space less appealing for them.

Reduce and Prevent Mold

Areas that are dark and damp are also prime locations for mold and mildew. Even in a crawl space, the mold will work its way up into the home and reduce the air quality. You and your family could end up getting sick from breathing in mold and not even know it. A sump pump will help eliminate moisture and reduce the likelihood of mold.

Save Money

A sump pump may cost money in the beginning to purchase and get it set up. However, it will save you money over the long-term. Structural damage caused by wood destroying pests can cost thousands of dollars to fix and reduce your home’s value. Mold remediation is also expensive and can cost several thousands of dollars. What’s even worse is most of this damage isn’t covered by your home insurance policy, which means you will be paying out of pocket.

Protect Your Health

Another reason to consider a sump pump is in conjunction with what is listed above. You will be protecting your family’s health by eliminating conditions which can cause medical problems. Damp basements and crawl spaces are breeding grounds for all kinds of bad things that aren’t good for your family. Bacteria and other germs like a moist environment. A sump pump will dry out the space and ensure your home is a safe, comfortable place to live.

Contact All Natural Pest Elimination if you’ve already discovered wood destroying pests or have concerns about harmful mold that can be caused by moisture within your basement. We can help you get rid of them as you work to make your basement a dry space with a sump pump.

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