It seems like no matter how often you mop your floors, clean your countertops and pick up clutter, your home is invaded by ants. You can have the cleanest home, and you may not be safe from the army of ants. Here are a few reasons they like to move into your territory.


Ants are always looking for food to add to their colonies. If you have food within easy access of these pests, they will find it. Spills that aren’t cleaned up immediately will draw them in or food left out on the counter. Even if you clean up quickly, crumbs and odors can attract them.

Sugar is especially appealing as well as grease. If the ants can get to your trash, they will look for anything that contains food. Get rid of trash often in the summer and use cleaning products to wipe down counters and floors rather than just plain water. It will help get rid of the smell of food that entices ants.


Extra water brings in ants as well. They need water as well as food, and they often look for places near water to build their nests.

Look for leaks or dripping water if you see ants, especially in the bathroom. Keep the area clean and mop up spilled water right away. Watch for ants in the kitchen sink where they will try to get to water. Make sure there is no standing water to deter these little pests.


Ants look for warm, dry places to live. They will search for a small crack that lets them in your garage or other areas of the house. And since these guys are so tiny, it doesn’t take much of a hole for them to get in. Pretty soon, the entire colony has moved in.

It may seem like a losing task to try to seal your home to keep these pests out, but you can start with sealing the windows and any cracks in the foundation.

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