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You’ve been battling flies, ants and wasps all summer long. Other pests may have taken up residence on your property as well. Now that the weather is cooling off, you’re hopeful to get a break from dealing with these creatures.

Bees and Wasps

As the temperatures drop, bees start hunting for a warm abode. The queen bee is the most important because she will keep the species alive with the next round of worker bees. The hive is the preferred place for honeybees. However, they may find they need another place if their hive is disturbed. She may take up residence in your attic since it’s warm and often undisturbed. The worker bees will try to find a place to keep warm, but they will likely die when the temperature drops.

Wasps build warm homes in attics or outbuildings where they will spend the winter until warm weather arrives. If you disturb one of these nests, you may notice the wasps seem sleepy and not too quick to move. However, they may also be aggravated at getting disturbed.


Spiders are ready to move inside when the weather gets cold. They will find just about any place inside your house to make their home. They often look for areas that are dark and undisturbed, but you can find their webs just about anywhere. While many spiders aren’t poisonous, their bites can still hurt. For those that do carry venom, you want them to move right back outside as quickly as possible.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats love to find a warm, cozy space to call their own inside your home. They love to get inside walls where no one can see them. They can run around undisturbed until nighttime when they will come out and do damage. They’ll get into your food, chew up clothes and other materials and stain everything with their waste.

Don’t forget that mice can multiply quickly as well. One mother mouse can have up to 10 or 15 babies at once, but the average size litter is a little smaller at about 7 or 8. However, they can have up to ten litters in one year, which means you can easily end up with 100 mice and many of those having more little ones of their own. As you can see, the mouse population can increase dramatically if not taken care of right when they move in.

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