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Cockroaches are a disgusting pest that no one wants to find in their home. Though small, they aren’t as tiny as many other pests, which means you can detect their presence. It’s important to get rid of these creatures as soon as you know they exist.

Cockroaches like to eat the same things as humans, which means they won’t hesitate to get into your food. They like sweets and starches, just like people. They will get into anything, even food that is moldy.

If the roach can’t get to real food, they will add many other items to their diet. They are known to eat the covers off of books, dead insects, leather products and even human hair.

Cockroaches get into a home by traveling in bags, clothing or bedding from an infested place. They can travel through plumbing from one apartment to another. They are able to get through holes much smaller than their size because of the way they can angle their bodies.

Dangers of Cockroaches

One of the biggest issues with cockroaches besides the fact that they are gross is that they often make allergy symptoms worse. Children and adults may be allergic to their skins and droppings. They also spread bacteria, which causes disease. For instance, they can spread E. coli and Salmonella, two diseases that cause people to get very sick.

To prevent cockroaches from making your residence their home, you want to keep the place as clean as possible. Don’t leave food sitting on the counter open. Pick up trash and take out the garbage regularly. You’ll also want to seal off any cracks and holes around your house to help prevent them from getting inside. Keep your basement and other unused areas dry because roaches like to find places for water. While they can survive for up to one month without food, they will die after a week of no water.

Getting rid of cockroaches in your home isn’t as easy as you might hope. It is best to hire a professional like All Natural Pest Elimination to take care of your roach problem. Call us for a free inspection at 1-877-662-8449 if you aren’t sure whether you have cockroaches. Don’t delay, especially if you have allergies or asthma because they can bring on an attack.