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A lot goes on with your house that you don’t see and may not be aware of. While you may renovate an outdated kitchen or bathroom, paint the walls of your home or replace old carpet, these are not the most important elements of your home. Structural damage can be present and you won’t even know it until your house begins to fall apart.

What is Structural Damage and What Causes It?

Damage occurs to a structure when it involves the roof or load-bearing walls. The walls become weak, which will allow your home to collapse over time. By the time you see the signs of damage, a lot more has been going on that you didn’t know about.

What causes structural damage? It can happen from many situations, but it generally is caused by two major problems. Water leaks or flooding can cause damage to the wooden beams that hold the house up. Wood-eating pests are another issue with your structure.

When the wooden beams get wet, it can weaken them over time. They will rot and not be able to hold the weight of the house. The same problem occurs when pests like termites and carpenter ants eat away at the wood.

You may not think that something as tiny as a carpenter ant or termite can cause that much damage but imagine when these creatures are multiplied by hundreds or even thousands of pests. Each one eating on the wood daily will cause the beams to become weak over time. Because they are working in an area where you seldom go and they are left undisturbed, they can devote all their days and nights to demolishing your house a bite at a time.

Signs of Structural Damage

If left long enough, you will see evidence of structural damage. If you notice cracks in the walls or doors and windows that don’t fit as neatly as they once did, it’s a sign that the house has shifted. This shifting could be caused by structural damage.

Go to the basement or crawl space and look at the large wooden beams. If you notice rotted areas, it’s a sign that the beams are damaged by something. Cracks in the foundation are another indicator.

Don’t wait until you see damage to your home’s structure. Otherwise, you’re looking at thousands of dollars in repair. Check for leaks in your home and get a free pest inspection from All Natural Pest Elimination. If wood-eating pests are found, we can get rid of them before they do more damage. Contact us today at 877-662-8449 for a free inspection and estimate.