Every person has probably run into a spider or two, some more than others.  So why do some people encounter more than others in their homes?  What is attracting the spiders? Truth is there is more than one thing that can be enticing spiders to become squatters in your home.

Too Much Clutter

Spiders tend to lurk in the shadows of your clutter because it gives them a hiding spot to keep them safe from the elements and other predators that hunt them.  This is instinct for survival because remaining hidden not only gives them cover, but some spiders are ambush predators so they can also use your clutter to pounce on their prey.  Clutter such as magazines, newspapers and other things crammed into a spot are a welcome sign for spiders and insects.

Easy Access or Too Many Openings from the Outside

If spiders frequent your house, it could also be from openings into your house. Spiders can come in through gaps and cracks in your home.  Seal up gaps under doors or around windows, check walls for cracks and gaps, and seal them with caulk.  Look at air intakes or outtakes.  Also, check ventilation areas where spiders and insects can enter, and add screens and check seals to limit how they can get into your home.

Wet Spots

Like any other living creature, spiders need water to survive.  They don’t necessarily like a damp environment, but wet spots also attract insects that need water to survive. Wet spots can be found around drains and low-lying areas of your home.  If you have a faucet that leaks it could be a source of water.  If you have too much moisture in your basement this is also a source of water for insects and spiders.

Dark Places

In addition to wet spots, spiders love darkness.  They prefer to be left alone and undisturbed, which allows them to feel safe from many predators.  Spiders actually have poor eyesight, despite having several eyes.  They tend to rely on their other senses to survive and hunt. With fewer distractions in the darkness and seclusion, a spider can depend on those hunting senses more.

Bright Lights

While spiders prefer the dark, bright lights can also attract spiders for no other reason than bright lights attract other insects and insects are food.  Spiders will go where the bugs are. Outdoor lights provide a buffet for spiders.

Dirty Areas

Keeping your house clean and organized is critical to your health and to limit your spider population.  Bugs are also attracted to dirt, so if insects are drawn to dirt spiders will follow their dinner.  Flies and moths take refuge in dust and dirt.

If you have spider and bug problems, remember professional pest control can eliminate your uninvited houseguests.  Call All-Natural Pest Elimination today at 877-662-8449 to take care of your insect and arachnid problems. We are here to help if you need us.