Summer is in full swing and the pest are coming out to play! If you’ve lived in the Oregon area for very long you’ve probably noticed a couple of pests coming back summer after summer. These two little destructive insects are unwelcome garden snackers. Do you have them lurking in your yard?

The Earwig

Earwigs are long rust colored insects with a tail that looks more threatening than it actually is. While the earwig doesn’t pose a threat to humans, it still does considerable damage to gardens. Unfortunately, they can be fairly difficult to detect. Part of the difficulty in discovering earwigs lies in that they are a nocturnal creature. They come out at night to munch on leafy greens, your pretty flowers and soft fruits.

Photo via: Landscape Supply

The Black Vine Weevil

Black Vine Weevils are black and brown beetles who are around ½ in long. Like the earwig, they pose no threat to humans but leave their destruction to plants. These cheeky little bugs like to feed off of the roots as larvae. This means that they have an ability to not only snack on your plants but kill them.

If you find you have either of these pests, try reducing the amount of moisture in your garden. Doing this will be helpful as both of these bugs are attracted to moisture. Of course this is the Pacific Northwest, so there’s only so much you can do.
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