Photo via: University of Montana Extension

While boxelder bugs are not harmful to humans, they are totally annoying. As summer begins to heat up, boxelders come out in droves. They are about a ½ in long and have distinct black and red markings. If they find a crack in your doorway or window they’ll squeeze their way in and take up residence in your home. Below, we’ve outlined the top 3 reasons you don’t want boxelders around.

They Cause Stains

Possibly the most repulsive reason you don’t want boxelders around is because they stain your living space. Whether it’s your walls or fabric, nothing is safe from boxelder excrement which causes stains. And since they tend to invade in large numbers, it’s hard to keep track of exactly everywhere their stains may be.

They Eat Plants

It is admirable that boxelders don’t bite humans, pets or even furniture. However, it’s less admirable that they occasionally munch on plants. If you have the misfortune of letting these little creeps in, be sure that they’ll begin taking chunks out of your beloved plants.

They Come in Packs

Oftentimes boxelders will come in droves. While we know that they don’t do harm to people, their mere fact of their presence is off-putting. Understandably no one wants a pack of bugs crawling on the walls. Just because they’re harmless doesn’t mean you don’t want them out!

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