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Your attic, basement or other unfinished or unused area is prime territory for dusty, grime, and clutter. If left as it is, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for pests, including mice, rats and poisonous spiders. Here are a few tips to keep this space clean and safe.

Clean Out the Clutter

The first step is to get rid of stuff you aren’t using. Old toys the kids have outgrown, clothing no one wears anymore and broken furniture or décor shouldn’t have a home in your attic or basement. They should be given away or thrown away. Be careful when going through these items as you may find black widow spiders or other creatures have made their nests here.

Organize Items You Keep

Of course, you probably won’t throw everything out. The attic or basement are also prime spaces to store seasonal items. What you need to do with those things you decide to keep is put them in clean storage containers with lids instead of boxes or bags. Put them on shelves or tables and label everything. If these storage containers are kept off the floor, it’s much easier to sweep around them.

Clean the Space

Just because you don’t use the attic or basement on a daily basis and visitors never see it doesn’t mean you don’t need to clean. Wipe down cobwebs and sweep up the floor to prevent pests from taking over. Periodically checking this unused space will allow you to notice if you’re sharing space with unwanted guests.

Monitor Humidity and Water Levels

You may need a sump pump and dehumidifier to keep the space at the right temperature. Water draws in pests and makes it the perfect place for them to set up a home. It also allows fungi and bacteria to get a start, which will bring in more pests and cause other issues. A dry room will deter pests and keep the air fresher as well.

Don’t ignore your attic or basement. Keep it clean like the rest of the house. Otherwise, pests will come to this area to live, but they’ll end up in the rest of the house or cause damage to the entire property. Cluttered spaces that are dark and damp are prime breeding grounds for these pests. They can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your property with structural and electrical issues. By the time you see the pests or evidence they exist, you already have a serious problem on your hands that can be expensive to fix. Don’t wait to deal with unwanted pests; take care of the situation now.

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