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You may not think much about the pests you have to deal with around your home. Sure, you get annoyed when you find the mice have eaten food you left on the counter or when the wasps fly around your face. The mere thought of cockroaches or bed bugs makes you shudder. But overall, you may not be overly concerned about the impact of household pests.

Why You Should Care About Pests

Pests aren’t just annoyances or nuisances. They can wreak havoc on your home, your yard, and your life. These pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage and major health issues.

While this fact may cause some concern, a lot of homeowners simply shrug it off and figure they will worry about the impact if it happens. However, it is important to prevent problems before they occur. This article will give you some hard numbers about what pests can do to you financially if not dealt with.

Understanding Damage and Injury

When talking about what pests do to property, you often hear two words. The first is how much injury is caused. What this means is how much physical destruction to property is done by the pests, such as chewed up materials, weakened wood, illness in humans.

The second term is all about damage, which is the monetary aspect of the injury from pests. How much is lost, such as with food, or how much it costs to make repairs. As a homeowner, you want to consider both injury and damage when it comes to pests.

Counting the Cost

One of the worst pests to have is the termite. According to the National Pest Management Association, the damage from termites is over $5 billion per year. Most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover this kind of damage. For a basic repair job, which takes 8 hours, expect to spend between $330 and $715.

Be prepared to pay at least $2000 or $3000 for repairs if the damage is extensive. This is in addition to the cost of treatment to get rid of the termites. Just replacing a support beam will cost from $1500 to $4000. The same costs apply to carpenter bees and any other wood-eating pests.

To clean out a crawl space from mice, rats or other rodents, expect to spend between $200 and $4000, depending on the amount of work involved. If the mice got into your insulation, it will cost you between $900 and $3600 to replace it.

For other pests, like mosquitos, where the damage is the cost of medical care if you get sick with a disease, it can be difficult to estimate. A trip to the ER can mean several hundreds of dollars out of pocket. A night in the hospital will probably push it over $1000. For some illnesses like Lyme disease, it can take months before you recover.

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