Tales from the Crawlspace – 12 Years of Bed Bugs

Tales from the CrawlspaceThis story is sure to get under your skin. It begins with a Medford couple who finally called All Natural Pest Elimination after many years of what they thought was a persistent flea problem. Each time they complained to their landlord, they were given another ‘flea bomb’ to treat it. Flea bombs are ill-advised aerosol products designed to fill a room with pesticides— not healthy for people nor pets. Yet the problem wasn’t fleas, it was bed bugs, and that’s why the ‘fleas’ never went away.

Bed Bugs, Fed and UnfedThe couple took advantage of our free inspection, and our inspector quickly identified the actual problem during the initial visit. The landlord purchased our Bed Bug Elimination package with a 1 year warranty. We quickly went to work injecting the walls our NatureLine™ products, and the inspector then waited and watched the bed bugs stream out from behind the walls. He lost count after 100 or so! To protect the mattresses from further infestation, the technician installed mattress covers and materials for the uprights so any existing bugs would die off, and any potential bed bugs would be prevented from making their way towards their sleeping blood source. To be effective, the mattress covers had to remain intact for at least 2 years because bed bugs can survive for up to 18 months without a blood meal.

Nine months passed with no bed bugs. Unfortunately, when the tenants decided to rent out their extra room, the new occupant removed the mattress covers, which released the still dormant bed bugs, and the infestation began all over again!

The tenants called us with just one week to spare on their 1-year warranty period. Although our technician required another three treatments to rid the home of bed bugs for a second time, we honored our commitment and got rid of the bugs once and for all. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!