How do you know if you have a bedbug problem in your home? Well one sign can be skinny rashes, blotches and itching where they have bitten you.  This is the most unreliable method to know since people react to bedbug bites differently.  Often bedbug bites can look and feel like chigger and mosquito bites.  They can also look like rashes like eczema or fungal infection; they can even look like hives.  Other people may not react to their bites at all.  Look for other signs to know if you have a problem.

Physical Signs

Physical signs of bedbugs are far more accurate.  Check bedding when you change your sheets.  If you have bedbugs, you can see signs in the sheets like rusty or reddish stains. This is usually a sign where a bedbug has been crushed.

Dark spots on the sheets that are about the size of a typed period or slightly larger.  Spots like this are from bed bug fecal matter. These spots might bleed through the sheet like a marker will.

Tiny eggs and eggshells that are around 1mm in size and pale yellow skins or shells that are left behind when bedbug nymphs grow larger are also indications of a problem. Lastly, a sure sign is if you see live bedbugs.

Hiding Spots

Bedbugs are typically nocturnal in behavior.  They usually feed at night unless they are really hungry. You may see them during the day moving about or crawling on you to feed.  Normally during the day, you can find signs of infestation by looking near piping, along mattress and box spring tags and seams on bed frames, foot boards and headboards if there are cracks in the wood.

If the room is heavily infested, you can find them in places like in the seams of cushions on chairs, couches, and other furniture.  You may also find them in the folds of curtains, in the joints of drawers, in electrical receptacles, and appliances.  Other places include under loose wallpaper and wall hangings, or where your ceiling and walls meet.  They have even been found in the head of a screw.  Bedbugs are only as wide as a credit card, so that affords them the ability to hide in really small places.  Bedbugs have been spotted along window frames, along the edges of electrical outlets, and other such small remote places.  A bedbug can easily travel 5-20 feet from their hiding places to feed on their hosts.

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