As spring and summer nears, we prepare for the rebirth of the Earth and all the critters that come along when weather gets warmer and brighter. One of the more common insects that bug us are moths. They are drawn to the lights of your home and once inside they can cause damage to clothes and food and if their presence becomes a serious infestation, they can be difficult to remove.

How Did They Get Here?

When it comes to pests and insects the most common one we find around our windows and porch lights are moths. Often this is how they get in, is through cracks and crevices, and open doors and windows or holes in screens. Clothes moths can enter this way, but often they may get in through hiding out in clothing, furniture or home goods purchased at garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops. Pantry moths can enter your home through eggs that have been laid in foods like cereal, flour, dried fruit and beans.

How do I Prevent Infestations?

The biggest problem with moths is not the adults, but the larvae. When an adult gets into clothes and pantries, they lay eggs which eventually hatch into larvae. The larvae feed from clothing and foods. To prevent infestation, regular cleaning of your pantries is a good place to start and if you vacuum often this can get rid of larvae and eggs. If your closets are full of clothes, inspect them regularly for eggs, larvae and adults. Clothing should be washed and/or vacuumed to remove dust eggs and larvae. Avoid overcrowding your closets with clothing as this can create a habitat for moths to hide in. You can also spot problems if your clothes begin to get holes in them. To prevent pantry moths, food should be kept in sealed containers and practice rotating food items to ensure that older foods get used up or thrown away as needed. Do not let outdated products accumulate.

How Do I Get Rid of Moths?

Regularly vacuum drawers, closets, and pantries to remove eggs and larvae. Clean and vacuum surfaces like shelves, carpets and other fabric surfaces. Wash stored fabric items routinely if not used all the time. Pheromone lures can be used to get moths close enough to identify the moth and then those surfaces need to be cleaned and vacuumed. You can store clothing items with mothballs, and the fumes can kill adults, larvae, and eggs, but only if the moth balls are sealed into airtight clothing packages with the clothes so the fumes can work. The problem with this method is the clothes will smell like moth balls.

The best way to remove moths without issue is to call the pest control experts at All-Natural Pest Elimination. We will come and inspect your home for moth infestations if you suspect you have a problem, and we will devise a method of elimination to ensure that your home is moth-free. We’ll even provide you with preventative information to ensure that the problem does not come back.  Give us a call today at 877-662-8449 and let us help you keep your home pest free.