Not too many people are spider enthusiasts, although they are essential to a healthy ecosystem. Still spiders are not something that most people want to find in their home, but there are natural spider repellents that can be used indoors and outdoors to keep spiders away from our homes.


Beautiful to look at and fragrant to smell, lavender starts our list. Who knew this flower so common to air fresheners and fabric softeners and even to aromatherapy is also useful in keeping spiders at bay? Plant lavender around the house where there are common egresses into your home, such as your doors and windows. Lavender can be planted in pots or window boxes around your home to discourage spiders from coming near.


Who doesn’t love a little mint in their tea or cocoa? Mint is a plant that grows well in most zones, its pretty to look at and great to smell. Its fragrance is what repels spiders, but you will want to limit its growth. Mint is an invasive plant that sends shoots throughout the soil, and it can easily take over if given the chance. Another useful application besides growing mint is you can dry its leaves and place them near doors and windows inside your house to keep critters away.

Lemon Balm

This is another plant that you want to limit growth on, like mint. Planting it in too many places will encourage it to take over. Lemon balm has a pleasant aroma that you will enjoy, but spiders do not. As a bonus, lemon balm can even keep fruit flies away. Therefore, keeping lemon balm around not only drives spiders away but also one of their common preys. Its easy to grow, just plant in sunny areas in well-drained soil. It is a resilient plant, so it does not require a lot of care.


This herb has a great culinary use, and although the scent may not be strong to us, it is to spiders, because they have a unique sense of smell. Basil is easy to grow and like peppermint you can dry it out to place around entry points, and you can even crush it and dissolve it in alcohol to turn it into a spider repellent spray for those places where spiders can enter your home.


Like basil, rosemary is also an herb used in cooking, but it’s a great choice to grow as a spider repellent. For one thing, it is a perennial so it will come back year after year if it is taken care of. It will grow in most zones in the USA but is best grown in a pot inside or outside where it is kept from harsh weather. You will need to water it and replenish the soil periodically to ensure it is healthy, but it can easily be grown in a small pot near a door or window to keep spiders away.

In essence plants with strong smells are great to keep spiders away, but if you are still having problems with these creatures in your home, you may need the help of a professional. If you need pest elimination, contact All-Natural Pest Control for help at 877-662-8449.