When it comes to unwanted pests in the home, we all must deal with them at one point or another. We like to be rid of them for our safety and for the safety of our children and loved ones.  Loved ones that we want to protect include our pets. When we think of hazards certain pests can pose to us, we may not think about dangers that they can pose to our furry family members.

Vector Borne Pet Diseases

Just as certain bugs and rodents can pass on diseases to us directly or indirectly, they can also be passed on in similar fashion to our pets. Some of these diseases most often transferred to our pets from insects and rodents include:

  •       Canine Parvovirus – This disease can be picked up in a lot of ways, dog to dog, dog to human, dog to rodent and more. The virus can exist in soil and grass, but normally it is transmitted through the feces of infected dogs.
  •       Heartworm – This parasite is transmitted to pets through the bites of mosquitos.
  •       Lyme Disease – this disease is transmitted to dogs and cats through tick bites, it is more common in dogs, but it can affect cats as well. It can also infect humans.
  •       Rabies – Rabies is commonly transmitted by bites from mice, rats and other animals like racoons and skunks.

Other Pest Danger

Apart from diseases, certain biting and stinging insects can also be a danger to your pets. Stinging insects like bees, hornets and wasps are a definite danger as your pets can have allergic reactions to their stings just as humans can. Furthermore, if your cat or dog gets into a ground hornet nest or a paper hornet nest, then they are likely going to endure multiple stings, and that many stings can cause serious health issues from venom alone. Likewise, bites from venomous spiders like the brown recluse can also be very harmful to your pet.

Other health issues can be brought on by bugs and insects that don’t have a sting or venom. Consider your pets’ food for example. Keeping food out can be a draw for bugs like cockroaches and that means their feces could be deposited on your pet’s food, and roaches are notorious vectors for diseases. The same applies if your pet has a creepy crawly snack of bugs like boxelder bugs which can cause vomiting and excessive salivation. Stinkbugs can cause gastrointestinal problems in your pet. Asian lady beetles have been known to be eaten by dogs and they lodge themselves in the roofs of your dog’s mouth, not to mention their secretions can also cause gastrointestinal irritation.

Caterpillars are another creature not usually associated with danger, until your dog or cat decides to eat one. Some types of caterpillars can bite and sting and transmit venom to your pets. Other caterpillar species like the wooly bear caterpillar have tiny, microscopic hairs that can stick to the lining of your pet’s mouth and throat and cause irritation that causes coughing and gagging and possibly excessive drooling.

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