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Wood Decaying Fungi

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Commonly called Dry Rot, decay of seasoned wood is caused by the attacks of any number of fungi species, particularly Merulius lacrymans, Coniophora cerebella, and Poria incrassata. These fungi penetrate into the interior of timbers and consume the cellulose in the wood fibers, leaving the timbers porous and weak. Although discoloration may be visible, the wood often appears completely normal and sound on the surface. It is called Dry Rot because of the powdery appearance of the decayed wood, although the term is misleading because the fungi need water to live, and dry rot appears only in wood that has been exposed to moisture. Fungus spores may lie dormant for a dry year or two, but may start growing again with moisture of at least 18 percent. As the spores of fungi go airborne, they attract Termites, Wood Beetles, and Carpenter Ants. The beginning stages of fungi are microscopic, so you cannot see them. Reducing moisture in your sub-area crawlspace and having All Natural Pest Elimination apply its natural, permanent wood preservative, is highly effective in preventing the eventual destruction.