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Worried About Wood Beetles?

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Are Wood Beetles as Bad as Termites?

Most people are familiar with termites and carpenter ants and the serious damage they can do to your home. But what about wood beetles? Infestations can be very hard to spot and yet over time, the unseen damage caused by wood beetles can be as devastating as any other wood destroying insects. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in a safer and more effective removal of wood beetles—so you can be sure your investment is protected. Our experienced exterminators eliminate wood beetles and ensure they don’t return.

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Protect Your Home from Wood Beetles.

Wood beetles cause the most damage while in the larval stage of development. They bore into wood and make themselves right at home, turning the wood structures you care about into fine powder. That’s why protecting your valuable investment from wood beetles and other wood destroying insects is essential. Let All Natural Pest Elimination take care of your wood beetle problem for good. Our proprietary pest-elimination products are natural, eco-friendly, and safer for people, pets, and the planet.

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The wood beetle female lays her eggs inside wood of all kinds. The eggs hatch and develop into larvae which then burrow into the wood. In the wild, wood beetles are a vital part of the lifecycle of the forest turning decomposing wood into a fine powder. In your home, they are capable of extensive damage which can be hard to spot. Often, the only evidence they leave behind are tiny exit holes in the wood where adult beetles emerge only to lay more eggs. These wood beetles are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest:

Deathwatch Beetles (Anobiidae or Anobiids)

These wood beetles take their name from a long time ago when people caring for sick loved ones in the quiet of the early morning hours heard the soft mating call of Anobiids. These wood beetles are reddish brown to black in color. Females lay eggs in hard or soft wood. Once the eggs hatch the larvae bore into the wood following its grain, eating and digesting cellulose. Adults then chew their way out of the wood, leaving behind the small holes which are often the only visible indication of an infestation. 

True Powderpost Beetles (Lyctidae or Lyctids)

These wood beetles are reddish brown to black in color as well, but have narrower bodies and distinct heads, unlike the Anobiids. These beetles feed on the starch, sugar, and protein content of woods such as oak, hickory, and ash. Lyctids often cause damage to hardwood floors and the wood beams found in crawlspaces and basements. 

False Powderpost Beetles (Bostrichids)

These wood beetles prefer the dead and dying branches of softwood and hardwood trees. They are less likely to be found invading homes and outbuildings.

Old House Borers (Hylotrupes bajulus)

These wood beetles are typically quite large growing up to an inch long in size. They are dark brown to black in color. Females prefer to lay eggs in softwoods such as pine, spruce, fir, and hemlock that are less than ten years old. Unlike other wood beetles, Hylotrupes bajulus larvae chew exit holes and plug them before pupation. The exit holes tend to be fairly large, with the females typically returning to lay eggs once again in the spot where they emerged.

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