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Mouse Exterminator

Mouse Exterminator

Mouse Exterminator – All Natural Pest Elimination

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Mouse Exterminator – All Natural Pest Elimination deals with mouse control and uses safer, more natural means of mice extermination. When it comes to exterminating mice, the process needs to be thorough and complete. Mice can reproduce rapidly, so it’s important to use a mouse exterminator that gets to the root of the problem.

These furry creatures are not only a nuisance, but they damage materials by gnawing, eating human food, and contaminating stored food. Mice are also disease carriers, carrying as many as 200 human pathogens! Mice are naturally inquisitive and very social among themselves, but they generally avoid people. They can compress their bodies and are only limited to entrances smaller than their skull— about the size of a dime. They hunt for food by smell, and as they travel they give off micro-droplets of urine indiscriminately, which they later track to get back to their food source.

Additionally, they randomly drop 40-100 fecal droppings per day. They can also propagate quickly. A female can have a litter within weeks of being born, birth 4-9 babies, and become pregnant again within days of giving birth. She can have 5 litters a year and her litters will have their own litters within the first year. That’s why it’s important to call an effective mouse exterminator. With these reproduction capabilities, one mouse can produce more than a hundred mice in one year! The Deer Mouse is of concern because it’s the primary carrier of hantavirus which causes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Other common Pacific Northwest Mice species are the House, White-footed, Old Field, Cotton,and Brush.