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If Your Pet Has Fleas, Chances Are Your Home Does Too

If you share your home with pets, it’s likely your furry companion has brought these wingless insects indoors. Wild animals such as bats, birds, rats, mice, and opossums living close by can contribute to the problem as well. Fleas lay eggs and feed on the blood of their hosts and migrate easily from animals to humans. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in a safer and more effective removal of fleas. Our natural product line, Natureline Botanicals, is safe for people, pets, and the environment. Our experienced exterminators eliminate fleas and ensure they don’t return.

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5 Facts Every Pet Owner Should Know About Fleas

  1. Adult fleas have sucking mouth-parts and feed on the blood of mammals and birds. Bites can cause itching and even allergic reactions in some. A few species are virus and bacterial disease-carriers, including tapeworm, for example.
  2. Fleas are flat, wingless insects usually red-brown to gray-black in color and 1.5-3.2mm long. Their long hind legs allow them to jump 7-13 inches!
  3. Even if you don’t have pets living in your home, fleas can be driven indoors during prolonged periods of wet weather.
  4. There are over 2000 known species of fleas. Not limited to just felines, cat fleas are by far the most common.
  5. Fleas can live for up to one month without feeding, surviving on dirt, debris, and waste.

Unsure if your pet has fleas?

Read more about the signs fleas have moved in here.

In addition to excessive scratching, licking, and biting, there are a few other tell-tale signs that your dog or cat has fleas. Red skin can be caused by an allergic reaction to the saliva produced by the flea while feeding on your pet. In extreme cases, hair loss or alopecia can also be a symptom of a flea infestation. Female fleas can live for up to 3 months and lay eggs directly on a host. When they leave the first host, they spread the infestation to others close by, including other pets and humans. Although most fleas are visible to the human eye, they can be sneaky, hiding in bedding, carpets, and other hard-to-reach areas. Outdoors, they prefer weeds, grass, and cracks in the sidewalk, hitching a ride on you or your pet walking by.

Small black or reddish-brown specks on your pet’s body or around your home can also be a sign that fleas have moved in. Known as flea dirt, this dust is actually flea feces composed of digested blood from their hosts. If you are not a pet owner but suspect a flea infestation thanks to a previous resident, walk on carpeted floors in clean white socks. If a reddish-brown dusty residue remains on the socks, you could have a flea problem.

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