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No one wants to admit they’ve got bed bugs. When these pesky insects find their way into your home or business there’s just one thing to do—get rid of them for good! Although bed bugs aren’t known to carry disease and are found as frequently in clean spaces as filthy ones, it can be shocking to find them. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we specialize in a safer and more effective removal of bed bugs—so you can relax and enjoy your home again. Our experienced pest control experts can eliminate bed bugs to ensure they don’t return.

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Signs You May Have a Bed Bug Problem

The last thing anyone wants to find in the bedroom is bed bugs. But they are far more common than most people realize. Here are some of the common signs that bed bugs may have moved in:

  • Brownish stains on the bedding, mattress, or box spring
  • Dry, dusty egg casings or shed skins in between the headboard and mattress
  • Musty odor released from the bed bugs’ scent glands

If you suspect an infestation let All Natural Pest Elimination take care of your bed bug problem for good. It starts with a FREE inspection. Our expert exterminators will thoroughly inspect your home or business and present a plan for total elimination. Our proprietary pest-elimination products are natural, eco-friendly, and safer for people, pets, and the planet.

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Bedbugs are small insects that are flat and oval in shape and brownish in color. They typically feed on the blood of people and animals and their bodies swell and turn reddish after feeding. Bed bugs are nocturnal which is why people are generally unaware of their presence until they wake up to find they’ve been bitten. They are known to feed during the day if they have access to a host in low light.  

Bed bugs do not fly but move quickly and females may lay hundreds of eggs, each about the size of a speck of dust, and can produce three or more generations per year. Young bed bugs are called nymphs and shed their skins many times before reaching maturity. Bed bugs may enter your home on used furniture, luggage, and clothing. They love in groups and hide in mattresses, box springs, headboards, and bed frames giving them easy access to unassuming, sleeping hosts.


Your bedroom is no place for toxic chemicals! You can trust us to take care of your bed bug problem with your safety in mind. Our proprietary pest-elimination products are natural, eco-friendly, and safer for people, pets, and the planet.

Don’t wait for your bed bugs issue to become a full-blown problem. At All Natural Pest Elimination, we use safer and more effective pest elimination products to get rid of bed bugs to ensure they don’t come back.

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All Natural Pest Elimination uses all-natural, eco-friendly products to eliminate pests that cause damage to your home.
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