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You just bought your dream home or you placed an offer on the perfect property and it was accepted. You’re already dreaming of how you will decorate the place and what you will enjoy most about living there. Your dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if you don’t think about pest control.

Pest Control Before Buying a Home

Most buyers have an inspection done on the house before they buy. Don’t skip this step. It will alert you to damage or problems you may not be able to see. For instance, one of the biggest issues uncovered in an inspection is termite damage. An inspector will check the beams and other wood around your home and note if there has been structural damage. There may also be damage from carpenter ants and other wood destroying pests.

What you should do if an inspection reveals a problem is to determine if it’s a current situation with active pests or if it’s old damage that has been treated but not repaired. You don’t need to let the problem keep you from buying the house, but it should be dealt with before closing. You can ask the sellers to have a professional pest control company get rid of the pests and make any necessary repairs before you move forward with the contract.

An inspector will also notice if there has been damage from mice, rats, squirrels and other animals. You’ll need to make sure this issue is also taken care of and the damage cleaned up before you close on the home.

Should You Buy?

Don’t let pest issues convince you to pass on a property that you love. However, you want to make sure these issues have been dealt with and repairs made before you agree to continue. If they aren’t taken care of and the damage is extensive, you could be looking at thousands of dollars to fix structural damage.

If you’ve already purchased a home and found active pests in or around the property, you need to take action right away. Contact All Natural Pest Elimination to help you get rid of these pests so you can enjoy your new home today and for years to come.

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