Our state’s beautiful weather is wonderful to enjoy on so many levels. Unfortunately, fleas happen to think so as well. These little pests are more than annoying, they’re hurtful and dangerous to pets and humans alike. Let’s learn a little bit about what these bugs are all about, why you should be wary of them and ultimately how to get of them.

Flea Facts

Because of Oregon’s temperate weather, fleas can be found here year round. Fleas are disease carriers which make their prevention and elimination so important. They can transmit anything from tapeworms to the plague.  Female fleas can lay thousands of eggs and in a couple days when those larvae are hatched they can begin laying more eggs as well. These fleas can live in a host for up to 100 days. Now that you’re itching just thinking about it, let’s talk prevention.

Pest Prevention

You can do a part in keeping your pet and home flea free. There are several varieties of flea treatments; ointments, sprays, collars and tablets. The best option for you can be recommended by your veterinarian. Over the years, fleas are becoming increasingly resistant to these medications. So if you’re finding that fleas are somehow making their way onto your pet and into your home, you’re not alone. The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association suggests that you treat not only your pet but also your home for fleas. Thankfully there are professionals ready to take your flea battle to the next level.

Expert Elimination

When it comes to intense flea elimination, it is best to leave it to the experts. Once a flea infestation is identified and measures are being taken against them, it can take weeks to completely eliminate them. That may sound discouraging, but don’t fret! Just remember because of our beautiful climate, fleas are a continual fight for responsible pet owners.

All Natural Pest Elimination proudly uses environmentally friendly products. We care about leaving the Oregon ecosystem intact as well as keeping you safe. That’s why the products and methods we use were made with you and your pets in mind.

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