Tales from the CrawlspaceOne of our technicians was sent out to a Klamath Falls home that had a serious Carpet Beetle problem—or at least that’s what they thought, and we did too. But these pests weren’t going away after repeated treatments. Turns out that these little buggers were Larder Beetles, whose larvae and juveniles look confusingly similar to Carpet Beetles. Larders are what museums sometimes use to remove all of the flesh from dead animals to obtain a clean skeleton. They are basically the piranhas of the beetle world, and had been feeding off the carcasses of dead mice underneath this house, and then moving up through the floor into the house in droves.
Larder vs Carpet Beetle
Once we eventually figured this out, we modified our treatment and proceeded to slowly but surely eliminate them, first by removing all of their food source (rodent carcasses), then by treating them with a combination of our NatureLine™ products. Larders are extremely resistant to most pesticides, so it took our technician approximately 14 re-treats over a period of 3 1/2 months to finally rid this homeowner of their persistent problem.

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How much did it cost? Luckily, the client won our PREMIUM PRO package in a raffle that All Natural had donated to the local fire department which covered the entire beetle bill for only a fraction of the cost. What a Bug-gain!