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One of the biggest issues we see in the winter is that of mold and water damage. When Oregon folks aren’t ready for the winter season, it could wreak havoc on their homes. Want to prepare your basements to protect your home from flooding this winter? We’ve got the best tips below!

Fix Existing Cracks/Water Leaks

Make sure that you make routine checks of your property for cracks and leaks. They could come from basement bathrooms or leaking pipes elsewhere. Basement window seals are also a good place to check. If there are signs of leaking here it could indicate improper drainage which can be very damaging. If you suspect a leak in your finished basement, you can also check the tack strip. Pulling back a corner of the carpet won’t wreck your flooring and will allow you to make sure there is no mold or rust present.

Clean Out Your Gutters

We’re well into fall here in Oregon and that means all the tree leaves have made their home in your gutters. Unfortunately clogged gutters can lead to water damage issues. Since their role on your home is to keep water off your head and away from your foundation problems will occur if they are not functioning properly. To prevent water damage, foundation cracks and even mold, make sure those gutters are leaf free.

Install a Sump Pump

Necessary to assisting in a moisture free basement is the installation of a sump pump. It’s main function is to pump and channel water away from your foundation. It is important to install a reliable pump since a failure in the system can cause the damage it is intended to prevent. All Natural Pest Elimination isn’t just a pest extermination service for Oregon. We’re also a full-service contractor that is equipped to install your sump pump as well!

Slope Your Yard

If you find that your yard sloping toward your foundation, this should be fixed as soon as possible. Sloping your yard away from your foundation will help prevent basement flooding as it will direct the water away from your home. Failing to do so will not only increase your chance of flooding but other foundational issues. There are also other options such as installing french drains if regrading your yard is not possible.

As you think about your winter basement needs, remember we are full service contractors! We strive to improve the value of your home as well as your enjoyment of it. All Natural Pest Elimination is pleased to serve the Medford, Eugene and Roseburg areas and beyond.