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You can almost taste that juicy tomato that is growing on the vine in your garden. Then, one day you walk out to the garden and discover that someone else got to those tomatoes first. Or more aptly, something – an insect. Regardless of which vegetables and fruits you choose to grow, you’ll find pests ready to steal the food you plan to eat.

The Dreaded Fruit Fly

The Spotted Wing Drosophila, also known as a fruit fly, is a deadly pest for fruits, including tree fruit. This pest has been in Oregon since the 2010s, and it has become quite established in the area since then. According to Oregon State University, growers are working to figure out a way to get rid of this pest. Even if you don’t have a commercial garden or orchard and are only growing fruit for your own use, these pests can quickly disseminate a crop, leaving you with nothing to show for your efforts.

Cutworms Cutting Down Your Garden

Cutworms also do a lot of damage to a garden quickly. They like to get on young plants and cut them down right above the dirt. They feed on leaves as well as larvae, which harm the plants and cause them to die. Slugs do similar damage to the plants, only their cuts are more jagged while the cutworm leaves clean, neat cuts.

Aphids Enjoy Your Garden

These pests are often difficult to locate because they tend to look the same color as the plants they are eating. While they may not eat or cut down the entire plant, they can ruin its health. When a large population of aphids take over, they can also encourage mold on the leaves of the plants. These pests bring in diseases that will harm and even kill the plants.

Weevils Making Your Garden Their Home

There are actually numerous types of weevils, but most of them have one thing in common. They like to eat your plants. They feed at night, making them hard to find during the day. The leaves are chewed and the plant is damaged, often beyond saving. Different types of weevils prefer various plants, but they will tackle just about anything when they’re hungry.

These are just a few of the many pests you can be dealing with in your garden. It is often hard to know which pest has made its home on your plants, but the solution is still the same. You must get rid of them if you want to keep your plants and harvest your food. All Natural Pest Elimination can take care of your pest problem without hurting helpful insects that are good for your garden or using harsh chemicals on your fruits and vegetables. Call us for a free inspection and for natural pest control that is safe for you and your environment.