If you are a homeowner in Oregon, then termite information should be of top priority.

What do termites look like?

There are different types of termites and each looks unique. The ones pictured with the prominent large wings are called alates. Others look similar to ants and can be white in color. Otherwise termites are light colored brown and have pincer-like jaws.

How do termites get into my house?

Termites can squeeze through cracks in concrete, as such, older foundations are more susceptible to their entry. They can also be transported indoors by old furniture that has already be infested. Mulch and wood piles places next to the home can also be a portal for termites.

How can I prevent termites?

In order to prevent termites, there are several steps you can take. First, make sure that any and all wood piles are not places against or under your home. Reduce moisture levels by keeping proper pipe maintenance and by not allowing wall climbing plants. Remove dead stumps as well. They are a perfect breeding ground for termite colonies.

How can I get rid of termites?

It’s difficult to get rid of termites on your own and a professional service should be call if you discover them. All Natural Pest Elimination treats wood in a one-time process. Our product is borate based and never breaks down. We value eco-based products that are of no harm to you or your animals. We also guarantee the treatment for the life of your home.

If you have termites or other pests are discovered, a professional should be contacted to address the problem. Click here to find out how All Natural Pest Elimination can help.