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Warmer temperatures, longer days, playing in the pool all sound like the wonderful benefits of summer. Along with all those fabulous things you must also think about the pests that come. Ants, flies, wasps, ticks and mosquitoes are just a few of the pests that will be making their rounds. Don’t let them find a welcoming home at your place this summer.

Pick Up Food

If you or the kids have a habit of leaving food lying around on the kitchen counters or on a table, make a new rule. Ants, flies and other pests are attracted to the smell of food. When you’re finished eating, put everything away immediately. You’ll also want to clean off the counters to remove any spills or just the odor of food.

Take the Trash Out More Often

The trash is a popular place for many pests. You may need to take it out more often, even daily. This becomes more critical if you throw food away in the trash. A garbage disposal is the better option for tossing out food if possible. Another tip is to invest in a trash can with a lid, which will help reduce some of the odor that can attract pests.

Check Screens on Doors and Windows

Pests look for any way to get inside your home. While you may not be able to keep out every pest, such as those pesky ants that seem to fit through anywhere, you can reduce the number that make your home their headquarters. Check all the screens on your windows and doors and replace any that is torn. While you’re at it, look for any other holes and seal them.

Trim Bushes

Trim the bushes and other plants around your house. While you’re working on this task, look for any planters or pots that may have standing water and empty them. Avoid over watering your plants which can entice mosquitoes. Most pests like damp conditions, so you need to reduce moisture to deter them from finding your home attractive.

Reduce Humidity

Because pests like warm, humid air, you need to lower the humidity in your home. If you run an air conditioner, it should help with this issue. However, you may be at risk if you like to have your windows open instead. Use a dehumidifier in areas where moisture is a problem.

Get a Free Inspection

Get a free inspection from All Natural Pest Elimination to determine if you have a problem with pests. This free inspection can help to inform you if a problem exists before it gets too bad. Don’t let summertime pests ruin your summer. Call All Natural Pest Elimination today at 877-662-8449.