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Pests infestations don’t always mean buzzing little bugs. Sometimes home damaging pests come in the form of highly destructive growths. In this second installation of home damaging pests, we talk about dry rot fungus. The pest with an eye for structure disintegration. Read on to learn more and to find out how to eliminate it!

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Dry Rot Fungus

An unfortunate risk with older homes is the development of dry rot fungus. The fungus eats away at the wood rendering it weak and brittle. This leads to structural integrity of your home being compromised. As moisture is the genesis of this fungus, fixing leaky pipes or foundation cracks is imperative for prevention. Keeping a dry environment is key to preventative measures as this fungus thrives in cool, dark and high moisture areas.

Identifying Dry Rot Fungus

The first heads up you get with dry rot is the fungal odor. Next, you can identify dry rot by the actual fungus itself or by the damage it causes. If you see a white growth with a rust colored center making a home in your home, take a closer look. They can leave a light dusting in their wake which is useful in alerting a homeowner to their presence. Finally, you can identify dry rot by the damage it causes. If wood in your home is shrunken and cracking, something’s afoot.

Extermination Options

Strength in your home’s structure is essential to safe living. Finding an Oregon-based exterminator is a great solution if you suspect that dry rot fungus is growing in your home. All Natural Pest Elimination offers free inspections and consultations so we can formulate an action plan for you. Our equipment is designed to eliminate dry rot and more. The borate-based product we use wages war against dry rot after just one coating. We used eco-friendly borate solutions because we care about the environment and your family’s well-being. You’re unlikely to see this damaging pest again by calling your Oregon based natural exterminator.

All Natural Pest Elimination is pleased to serve the Medford, Eugene and Roseburg areas and beyond. Click here to request a visit from us and we’ll help you create an action plan against this upcoming season of pests.