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Garden Pests – Should You Be Concerned?

As spring awakens all the flora and fauna in the Pacific area, your thoughts may turn to a garden. Whether vegetables or flowers are your thing, you’re going to be dealing with pests. Even a backyard with a lovely lawn will see a few varieties of outdoor pests. Since they are outside the home, you may not think too much about them. However, you don’t want to ignore these uninvited guests no matter where they choose to hang out.

The Dangers of Mosquitos

One of the most common summertime pests you’ll find in the backyard is the mosquito. They love to hang around water, so if you have a small pond or water feature, you’ll likely have swarms of them. Even wet areas can attract these unwanted pests.

Mosquitos aren’t just unpleasant creatures to have around with their painful bites; they are also dangerous. Mosquitoes carry Lyme disease and other diseases that affect humans and pets. A person can be sick for a long time with Lyme disease, unable to carry on all their normal activities.

Moles and Voles

Underground pests are just as problematic in your garden and yard. They dig unsightly holes and ruin a beautiful landscape. These holes can also be traps for people who can trip and fall over the mounds of dirt in the grass.

Moles, voles, and gophers are looking for worms and other food sources. Their food sources are also looking at your plants as delicious food, which is why your problems may increase if you decide to plant a nice garden. But don’t let that deter you from getting out in the dirt. All Natural Pest Elimination can take care of those pesky problems.


These aggressive pests can cause a lot of issues, especially from painful stings. They may build nests around your backyard where they will get quite angry if disturbed. They also like to find food in garbage cans and picnic tables. The pests are attracted to bold colors of clothing and strong scents of perfume, which could be problematic for entertaining.

Even though these pests spend their time outdoors, they can cause problems for the humans who live nearby. If you notice more unwanted creatures coming around as the temperature warms up, contact All Natural Pest Elimination at 1-877-662-8449 to take care of the problem.