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Fruit flies are a nuisance in many homes, but you don’t have to put up with them. First, you need to know what they look like and why they are visiting your house.

What They Look Like

Fruit flies are also called gnats. They can show up anytime of the year, but you will most likely see them during the warm days of summer and fall. The adult is only about 1/8 inch in length with a tan body in the front and a black rear. They have red eyes. They come from eggs which are laid around old food and other moist materials. It only takes about a week to go from an egg to an adult fruit fly.

What Attracts Them

One of the biggest things to attract fruit flies are different kinds of fruit, especially those that have gotten overripe. They also like overripe vegetables. You will see them around tomatoes, grapes, squash, melons, bananas and many other foods that ripen quickly.

These pests will also recognize when fruit has been thrown away in the trash or down the garbage disposal, which will also entice them to come in. They will look for empty bottles or cans and even drains or cleaning rags for a place to lay their eggs. They can fly in windows and doors if there is a tear in the screen.

Because fruit flies are so tiny, they may not seem dangerous. However, they can contaminate food by landing on it and bringing in bacteria.

To prevent an infestation, you should check on all fresh produce regularly and get rid of any that is overripe or rotting. Clean out garbage containers often and clean your drains and garbage disposal regularly. Don’t assume that running water will remove the smell of food. You can use products specially formulated for cleaning pipes.

If you already have an infestation of fruit flies, they can be difficult to get rid of. Call All Natural Pest Elimination for a free inspection. We can get rid of these pests quickly! Just contact us at 877-662-8449.