With flea season just around the corner, you want to ensure your pets and your home are safe from these pests. Flea control in Oregon starts before you even notice the first flea. Here are some tips to ensure you can live flea-free this summer.

Flea Control in the Yard

The job begins in the yard where fleas live until they find a host. You’ll want to keep your yard mowed short and treat the entire area. Of course, you must be careful of the chemicals you put on the lawn to kill fleas because some of them can harm plants, pets and the environment. If you need to treat your lawn, it’s best to hire a professional.

You also want to keep out any animals that can carry fleas. While you may have a fenced-in yard to keep other dogs away, you’ll find it much more difficult to avoid cats, mice and other carriers. Any one of these creatures can start your flea infestation.

Clean the House

If you’ve had issues in the past with fleas in your home, you’ll need to treat the floors and pet bedding. You should vacuum and sweep the floors regularly to get rid of fleas in their various stages. If you have a house pet, the fleas can fall off them and onto your floors. They can get into the couch, on a bed or in rugs where they wait for a host to jump on.

Fleas are so tiny that they can get anywhere. Flea eggs can fall off in couch cushions, in carpet fibers and just about anywhere else. Flea control includes using a specific treatment for all these surfaces and getting in cracks and other small spaces.

One of the problems with traditional flea treatments is they require multiple applications. This can be time-consuming and costly and you might not even get rid of all the fleas.

Treat Your Pets

To get rid of a flea infestation or to prevent one, the first thing you should do is treat your pets. You can take them to the vet and get a monthly treatment that will prevent fleas from getting on them. If they don’t have a host to live on, it’s much easier to get them out of the house.

There is a lot of work involved to attempt to get rid of fleas in your home. It’s often best to call in a professional pest control company who can do the job right. All Natural Pest Elimination can save time and money and let you, your family and your pets enjoy a flea-free home.

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