As autumn arrives and cooler temperatures take over, many pests are looking for a warm place to set up residence. They just might find your house appealing if it’s convenient and easy to access. Here are some fall home maintenance tasks to do before winter sets in to make sure you don’t have some unwanted roommates.

Look for Entry Points

Check the exterior of your home for holes, gaps in the siding or wood or cracks along the windows or doors. Remember that these pests are tiny and can squeeze through just about any space. Check around pipes, cables or other things that go inside your home.

Use caulk to seal any gaps you can find. Replace worn siding or boards that allow those pests to get inside.

Trim Landscaping

Cut back bushes and trees away from the house. When they touch the house, it provides a clear walkway to their new home. Remove leaves and other debris from around the house. It not only provides a hiding place but a wet and warm area for pests that are trying to find a new residence.

Store Firewood Away from the House

If you use firewood for your home, make sure you store it away from the house. Many pests like to eat or make nests in wood.

Check the wood before you bring it into the house, or you might be providing a free ride to bugs. Keep it off the ground, which will reduce the chances of bugs getting to the wood in the first place.

Decorate Cautiously

With Halloween around the corner and many people decorating for fall, decorations can be another good hiding place for pests. Check all boxes as you bring out your décor. Go through everything outside before you open the boxes. Be especially careful with straw or wood decorations. Watch for anything with material, which can attract mice and other creatures.

Live decorations like fall plants and flowers as well as pumpkins can draw in pests. Make sure you check them and notice if something is eating the gourds or pumpkins.

Mice and rats are the most likely fall pest you’ll encounter, but other bugs can make your home their winter haven as well. Once they get inside, they can quickly multiply and start doing major damage to your house. Mice and rats do thousands of dollars in damage each year, cutting off electricity by chewing on wires and damaging insulation inside the walls. They can ruin personal items and wreak havoc all over your house.

Don’t wait until you’re paying hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. Let All Natural Pest Elimination eliminate the problem now to get rid of your unwanted roommates before they set up housekeeping.

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