Mice and rats are some of the most destructive pests in homes today. They can wreak havoc everywhere, from little used spaces like the attic to busy areas like the kitchen. The result is damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. Here are some facts and some fictional ideas people often believe about these creatures.

A Cat will Take Care of the Problem

You’ve seen the cartoons. Tom is determined to capture Jerry and comes up with all kinds of creative solutions to reach his goal. The problem is, it never quite works out and Jerry often comes out the winner. This story isn’t too far from the truth. Having a cat may not mean you are mouse-free. In fact, if your cat is well-fed, he may not be in the mood to work for a snack and will live quite contentedly with mice. The only sure way to get rid of mice or rats is with a pest control company.

Mice and Rats Only Live in Dirty Homes

Many people think that mice and rats are only interested in homes with a lot of clutter or debris. While mice do like to find a home with plenty of hiding places and food lying around for easy access, they are also quite content in clean, clutter-free homes. They are looking for a place that is warm and dry, so any home will do if they can get inside.

If You See a Mouse, You Have a Mice Problem

While this is a true statement, it’s not completely accurate. You may never see a mouse or rat and still have an infestation. They are experts at hiding and moving around without attracting attention. The truth of the matter is that if you see a mouse, it means you probably have a large population in your home. To get rid of these creatures, you’ll need professional help from a pest elimination company. Even if you don’t see a mouse, you may see evidence, such as droppings and items that have been chewed.

Mice and Rats Cause a Lot of Damage

This is a fact. Mice and rats not only chew up your food and food containers, but they can chew all kinds of fabric and papers to make nests. They will damage clothing, furniture, curtains and books if they have access. However, this is not the worst situation for your home. They can also start chewing on your electrical cords and cables, which can not only shut off electricity to certain areas of the home but can cause a fire.

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