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Eugene Pest Control Specialists: We’re known as the more natural exterminator of pests such as carpenter ants, mice and rats, termites, spiders, bats, birds, bed bugs and more! We’re All Natural Pest Elimination and we’re proud to handle of all of your extermination needs in the Eugene and Springfield area.

We’ve been proud to serve the Willamette Valley and surrounding area for many years. We also are the exclusive users of NatureLine™ products, our proprietary eco-friendly, more natural, pest elimination products that are safer and naturally derived to give you and your family peace of mind. These effective pesticides have been fine-tuned over the years to become more effective as we raise their quality.  We offer free home inspections and estimates by expert pest inspectors who specialize in Eugene pest control services. Simply call us toll free at 877-662-8449 to schedule a time for us to come out for a free consultation.

Pest-Control-EugeneOur Eugene pest elimination experts will give your home a thorough inspection and look for pests such as house ants, carpenter ants, termites, spiders, rats, mice and other damage or issues such as dry rot fungus. With thousands of satisfied customers, many local residents consider our pest control company the most comprehensive and thorough exterminators Eugene has to offer its residents.

With thousands of loyal and repeat customers, we pride ourselves on being the largest privately owned pest control company in the state of Oregon. A large portion of our business is in the Eugene, OR area and the surrounding communities of Springfield, Junction City, Coburg, Creswell, Pleasant Hill and Veneta.

We’re proud to be known as Oregon’s first Eugene exterminator that is the original all natural pest control company. Many other companies have started to follow the ever growing demand for safer pest control. And since the launching of our company, there have been other Eugene pest control companies to follow our trend setting lead, however none of them have close to the amount of knowledge, understanding and hands-on experience with the methods and products of natural pest extermination that we do. In fact, we’ve spent many years perfecting our proprietary products and finding out what works best in the field in real world applications and scenarios. And of course many other pest exterminator companies, including the major national ones such as Orkin and Terminix are still using products that are known to be very toxic and deadly to the environment.

Natural Eugene Exterminator 

As Oregon’s original all natural pest control company, we are one of the most natural termite exterminator Eugene has available for hire. Termites have been known to cause even more damage to people’s homes and other buildings than fires, storms and earthquakes all put together. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the most common type of termite is the subterranean termite, which as its name implies, lives underground and can be a serious concern when it comes to your home’s wood structure.

Different types of ants can be big pests too. House ants can be a nuisance, but don’t do the damage to your home that carpenter ants can do. Other Carpenter ant exterminators in Eugene do not have access to our proprietary methods and products made of naturally derived substances. There happen to be a lot of different natural substances that work great as pest control products for different types of pests such as carpenter ants, termites, spiders, cock roaches, bed bugs, house ants and other pesky insects. When you go to purchase ant poison and ant bait, or other types of insect repellents from common home improvement stores, you just can’t expect them to do the same job that professional pest control products can do.

Different types of insects require different approaches and products. Certain wood eating pests like termites or wood beetles require different methods of extermination than pests such as spiders.  And we have spent many years developing and perfecting our methods making us one of the most effective and natural spider exterminators Eugene has to offer. Our products work mechanically on insects to kill them by attacking their nervous system or by cutting their exoskeleton, so that they cannot build up immunities to our products, unlike many other chemical based insecticides.

Rodent And Rat Exterminator Eugene Area

Rat Extermination in Eugene, Oregon takes up a large percentage of our Eugene exterminator and pest control services. Other rodents can cause problems too such as mice. Mice exterminators in southern Oregon, keeps our pest control technicians plenty busy as well. And unlike many other pest control companies, we also provide services for needs such as bird control and bat removal and also have very effective methods of pest control solutions for pests like squirrels and gofers that may cause problems too.

And these methods are much different than other pest control companies. These other companies often use harsh, toxic chemicals to kill rodents. These products often result in several dead rodents inside the house structure itself, like the walls, the substructure, air ducts or belly wrap of the home, which can cause some serious sanitary and smell issues. And many of these places are not accessible by us humans so removing the dead rodent carcass can often be impossible.

So we approach the situation much differently. Other rat exterminators in Eugene may not provide the full service that we do. Our system and products use a specific kind of rat bait that actually does not kill them right away. How it works, is it dehydrates the rats to an extreme level and makes them  want to leave the house or infested area to go seek water and usually die outside of the house or its substructure. After this process, then all of the exclusion work to the house is started. Rats only need a tiny hole to enter the substructure of the house. And our trained technicians are experts at finding entry points for rodents.

The same type of approach is also used for our bat control and bird removal services. A home’s attic or garage is often where we find these pests. They can leave a big mess and destroy insulation as well as damage personal goods that are in storage in a garage or attic. So we use methods such as one-way doors and other means to get the bats and birds out and keep them out, then seal up the home and do the exclusion work.

Additional Pest Control Services Offered By All Natural Pest Elimination

As a Eugene exterminator, we also do a lot of work to protect a home’s wood structure from other pests besides insects. One of the biggest wood destroyers a home is up against is not actually carpenter ants or termites or wood beetles, but in fact, dry rot fungus is the biggest threat to wood. Without our permanent wood protection process, there’s almost no way to prevent wood dry rot from occurring at some point in a home’s life.

The majority of homeowners don’t even know it’s possible to permanently protect the wood in your home against dry rot fungus and other wood destroyers such as carpenter ants or those pesky termites. Our permanent wood treatment products made of borates will prevent those pests from damaging the wood and as far as the insects go, it will prevent them from colonizing inside the wood. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your home’s wood will not ever get dry rot and in the event that termites or carpenter ants move in, they will be killed when they start eating this wood that has been treated.

Another aggravating thing that develops on houses is roof moss, because it’s so hard to get to and remove. One of our popular services is roof moss removal. We don’t advise people to get on their roof and scrape off roof moss. Getting on the roof is always dangerous and scraping tiles and shingles can cause unnecessary damage to them.

We have a method that prevents us from needing to get on the roof. Our product is simply sprayed onto the moss infected areas from ladders. And our product is completely harmless to all of the grass and plants and other landscaping below the roof of the house. This is by far the safest method of roof moss removal and since you’re not on the roof, it’s also the easiest on the roof itself.