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As cooler weather approaches, more rodents are searching for warmth and a dry place. They move into homes during this time of year, which can be disastrous for your property. These pesky creatures aren’t just a nuisance. They can be costly with thousands of dollars in damage done each year.

Structural Damage

Rodents are known for eating or chewing on almost everything they can find. While you may see evidence of their existence if they get in the trash, get hold of clothes or paper or leave behind feces, they can do much more damage that what you will notice.

When rodents get into a house, they often seek out hiding places like in the walls of the home or in the attic or basement. Since humans may not venture into these areas often, the rodents can do a great deal of damage before you notice. They may chew on and ruin insulation, chew up electrical wires, and even clog up the plumbing. By the time you realize what they have done, you may have a large expense in fixing the damage.


Besides the damage rodent can do to your home through their chewing, they can also cause a fire. As they chew through the wires and cables of your home, it increases the risk for an electrical malfunction, which could allow a fire to start. Since these fires often start in the wall or where the rodents are hiding, it will have a strong hold on the house by the time you realize what is happening.

Diseases and Illness

It’s not enough that these rodents cause major destruction to your property. They can also cause harm to your family. Rodents bring in diseases that can lead to costly medical care. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention lists ten illnesses caused by rodents. Not all of them are seen in the US, but you will find Salmonellosis and other illnesses throughout the country from rodents.

Another common illness is Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, which is a virus caused from breathing in dust that is contaminated with rodent droppings or through direct contact with rodent feces. Leptospirosis is another condition that can occur anywhere you find a rodent infestation. It is bacteria that is caused by eating food or drinking water that has been contaminated by the rodents or through contact with the skin and urine from the creatures.

The Cost of Repair and Rebuilding

It’s not cheap to fix the damage these rodents cause. For example, it can cost anywhere from around $100 to over $500 for electrical repair after the pests have chewed on it. Drywall damage can leave you with a bill up to $1000 for repairs. Plumbing repairs can run in the hundreds with roofing repairs as much as $1500. In fact, some experts estimate that if you don’t find and eliminate the problem, you could end up with as much as $25,000 in damage to your home or business by the time you add in cost of repairs from fire damage, roof repair and HVAC repair.

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