Coos Bay Day Care Pesticide Poisoning

Day Care Pesticide Poisoning

Symptoms to the insecticide included inflamed eyes and difficulty breathing.

Over a half a dozen small children and day care workers became ill last month as a result of pesticide poisoning incident in which the wrong product was apparently applied to kill fleas inside a Coos Bay day care facility. According to The Oregonian/,  the insecticide, called Tempo, was apparently not intended to be used in schools. Online store offers a line of Tempo insecticides, variations of which can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. In any case, Tempo is considered a neurotoxin by the Oregon Environmental Council (download Pest Control Practices in Oregon Public Schools). The owner said that the wrong product was given to her at the point of sale. It should be noted that some Tempo products are prohibited from being sold in certain states, including California.

The children’s symptoms included inflamed eyes and difficulty breathing. After parents decided to pull their students out of the facility and after several key employees quit in the days that followed, the owner decided to close down the facility. While this latest incident was certainly not the first time that the day care center had been cited by the Oregon’s Office of Child Care, it my very well be the last. Read the full story here.