Everyone is excited to see that temperatures are warming up in Southern Oregon. Unfortunately, it’s not just the humans that are excited about these changes. Warmer temperatures and nicer weather means the small ants come out from wherever they’ve been hiding all winter and start showing up in homes. Your home is warm, comfortable, and filled with good snacks – great for you, but sadly, great for ants as well. We’ve got some great tips on getting small ants under control before they become a big problem.

Ants are social creatures who live in colonies. If you don’t take on the problem at the source, they will continue to come back. A good treatment plan will take on the whole colony, not just the few that enter your home. They enter through often imperceptible entry points in search of both sweet and savory snacks. Once they find them, they leave a pheromone trail to signal other ants in their colony. The easiest way to find the colony, is to follow the trail of ants back to the source. Unfortunately, these trails are not always easily identified. That’s when you know it’s time to call in the professionals.

Professional pest control companies can assist you in identifying not only where the ants have set up their home base, but also what in your home is attracting them, and how they’re getting in. There are a few things that you can do to prevent them from getting in, or keep them from coming back:

  • Start with a clean slate.  Thoroughly clean your kitchen. Make sure to pay special attention to counter tops, floors, and anywhere food may have been left behind. Sweep behind appliances and remove any garbage.
  • Clean up spills, drips, and food messes immediately.  One tiny drop of juice, or some sugar that missed your morning coffee can result in a very large problem. Eliminating attractants is a key element in keeping those tiny ants out of your home.
  • Organize your pantry.  Put baking supplies, cereals, and snacks into airtight containers. This will not only help prevent ant infestations, but will assist with deterring a variety of other kitchen pests as well.
  • Take out the trash. Regularly. Removing odors and remaining food scraps will help keep your space clean and pest free.
  • Utilize Professional Pest Control Services. Prevention and removal, all in one! A great pest control company can help keep your home pest free! (Please note: We are talking common pests such as bugs and rodents.)

Already have ants? Not to worry! There are numerous solutions for natural pest control for ants that can help you eliminate colonies before they spread even more. Natural pest control for ants can help you target specific populations of ants, without endangering your home or your family. Looking for more information? Contact All Natural Pest Elimination today to learn more!